Tupperware Going Out of Business: 5 Places to buy Tupperware in Singapore (2023)

If you grew up in the ’70s through ’90s, you might remember aplenty Tupperware booths, neighbourhood stores, and the Tupperware-wielding aunties who were part of the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) sales programme knocking on your retro HDB gate and door.

They said that one set of Tupperware was all you’d ever wanted – it will meet all your family members’ needs. Plus, the plastic it was made such high quality that you could allegedly pass down several generations just like Patek Philippe.

Well, the aunty who sold my mother the 40-odd-piece Tupperware containers did not lie. The multitude of bulky, tacky rainbow-coloured air-tight containers are now hogging space in my tiny HDB BTO… because my mother “gifted” it to me.

I continue to use these betrothed Tupperware water bottles (Oh, the explosive spills when you finally yank open the lid!) and tubs daily for leftover food in my fridge only because the ultra air-tight rubber lids never fail to give me a great arm workout.

Of course, I cursed and swore at Tupperware’s existence every single time I had to fight tooth and nail with the air-tight lid – not until news broke that Tupperware was going bust and may soon shutter. No way!

5 Places to Buy Tupperware in Singapore

Swimming in my conflicted gravy of nostalgia and guilt, I have decided to round up some online shops you can buy Tupperware in Singapore to show them a little support and keep them going.

Before we start, you should know that there are genuine and fake Tupperwares out there online or in-stores. You can quite easily tell them apart from the packaging (should have the Tupperware cardboard box), price point, thickness of plastic, and the famous air-tight lids.

On the lids, the Tupperware logo should also be embossed… in English, obviously.

Tupperware Blossom Set from Shopee, $26.80
Tupperware Blossom Set from Shopee, $26.80

Tupperware Blossom Set, $26.80

Nothing quite like a full set of Tupperware utensils. This 2-litre Tupperware water pitcher ($26.80) in a tacky blue will always make you feel like a primary school student waiting in line in the canteen for the drinks aunty to pour you your 80cents Milo peng. Complete the look with a set of four matching Tupperware mugs with lids ($22.80).

If you’d like to terrorise your spouse, buy the four-piece Tupperware plate set ($28.30) as well.

Tupperware Blossom Set is available on Shopee from $22.80 to $28.30

Tupperware RiceSmart 10kg organisation storage bin, $149.50

Tupperware RiceSmart 10kg, $149.50

There are actually numerous Tupperware online stores in Singapore (remember, they are MLM?). Scrolling through their latest products shocked me – there are pretty cool and useful boxes and bins that they now carry, just like this rice storage and dispenser. The cup-shaped dispenser gives you exactly one cup (150g) of rice every time, how convenient!

This tub holds exactly a 10kg bag of rice, and measures 39.2cm length x 18.8cm width x 37.8cm height.

Pop over to the Tupperware online store and you’ll also find some nice and swanky Hari Raya/ Ramadan storage box sets etc.

Tupperware RiceSmart 10kg is available from Tupperware Brands SG at $149.50

Tuppware Eco Bottle Flip Top 750ml (Premium Gold), $21.21

Tupperware Eco Bottle Flip Top, $21.21

Oh, you must not miss the all-time retro classic: the papaya-shaped Tupperware water bottle! In premium gold at that, guys.

Now, this bottle holds a whopping 750ml of water – no wonder it always weighed like a brick in my school bag.

Tupperware Eco Bottle Flip Top in Premium Gold, available from TUP at $21.21

Tupperware Click To Go Lunch & Meal Box, $47.70

Tupperware Click To Go Lunch & Meal Box, $47.70

What could be better than a Tupperware tingkat? Honestly, it makes a perfect humorous gift for a good friend or family member who loves to cook, eat, and a dose of goofy.

For $47.70, you get four food containers, and a top handle that can take up to 6kg in weight. All four containers add up to 900ml in capacity. Each food container measures 22.2cm length x 14.3cm wide x 5.3cm height.

There are smaller two-tier and round tingkat options available, too.

Tupperware Click To Go Lunch & Meal Box, $47.70 from Tupperware Singapore

Tupperware Steam-It Steamer Racks, $20

Tupperware Steam-It Steamer Racks, $20

This one is wild – who would have thought that Tupperware steamer racks existed? The Tupperware Steam-It comes with two steamer racks and a lid. On the base of the steamer racks are your usual holes for steam to pass through, although the base is grooved so water can drain out of the holes, and ridged so food doesn’t get completely stuck to the steamer base (if you’re placing your cakes, pastries, or buns directly).

Finally, the Tupperware material is hydrophobic so water will be repelled and drip out easily. And it’s red – what a nice and vibrant alternative to the usual steel and transparent steamer racks!

Tupperware Steam-It Steamer Racks, $20 from Amazon Singapore