8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

While it’s true that larger speakers have bigger drivers (the part of the speaker responsible for creating sound), the best mini speakers can still pack a big punch.

Getting a smaller speaker or soundbar for your home or room doesn’t mean giving up big sound and great features, especially if you pick a speaker that’ll fill a small space with sound.

Read on for our guide to speakers, and the best bluetooth speakers in Singapore that will pack a punch.

6 Best Bluetooth Speakers in Singapore

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family, or perhaps you simply love to wake up to jazz in the background, here are the best bluetooth speakers to get this festive season:

Devialet Mania ($1,360)

8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

The intelligently designed Mania from Devialet contains a suite of the French audio brand’s state-of-the-art technologies in one stylish portable package.

But more than having broken down barriers for portable audio, Mania is engineered with new and existing innovations that enable the speaker to adapt the sound to the space, delivering a truly liberated sound no matter where it’s placed.

LG Eclair ($999)

8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

LG Electronics’ most compact soundbar to date, the LG Eclair delivers room-filling sound regardless of its size.

A 2021 CES Innovation Award Honoree, it sports a sleek design that belies a robust performance with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support while still keeping peace with its low vibration, power bass subwoofer, which is ideal in Singapore, where communal living is the norm.

Ruark Audio R2 Mk4 ($799)

8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

Another handsome addition to any household is Ruark Audio’s award-winning R2 music system.

Its distinctive looks now come in a smaller package for small homes in the R2 Mk4.

The Mk4 also further refines the R2 with current technology such as Bluetooth 5.0, a USB-C port that supports both charging and playback, and support for popular streaming services.

Piega Coax 311 LTD (US$9,995, approx. $13,527)

8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

Swiss handcrafted speaker brand Piega is known for its distinctive aluminium casing, which doesn’t just look great, they help the speakers sound great. Consider the Coax 311 LTD, a compact loudspeaker that is the perfect alternative to floor-standing loudspeakers and can be discreetly placed on a shelf.

It is equipped with a coaxial Piega ribbon that covers the entire mid and high-frequency range, and its 16cm woofer provides a solid bass foundation.

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 (US$16,500, approx. $22,331)

8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

Taking up minimum space but with B&O’s signature design-led looks, the Beolab 28 is an adaptive, wireless speaker with convenient smart speaker features that create an exceptional experience right out of the box.

Its slim shape and small footprint allow for flexible placement options while providing a powerful studio-grade sound that automatically adapts to its space.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 8 ($369)

8 Best Bluetooth Soundbar, Speaker For Small Apartments

Crafted from premium and recycled materials, Harman Kardon’s Onyx Studio 8 is a stylish and sustainable audio piece that looks like an art object.

The distinctive sleek, anodised aluminium handle also doubles as a sturdy base for ease of portability.

With a self-tuning function, the Onyx Studio 8 automatically calibrates itself to ensure the best possible sound anywhere you go and is equipped with eight hours of battery life.