An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a digital video camera primarily employed for surveillance and home security. Footage captured by an IP camera can be transmitted wirelessly via the Internet, and be stored on an internal storage media or on a cloud network.

How It Works

The IP camera lets you keep an eye on an area of your home, viewing the footage with your computer or mobile phone. It is also able to send you notifications if it detects motion or loud noises. Most cameras also feature night vision and automatic motion-activated recording.


Ask Before You Buy

Not all IP cameras are created equal. Before making a purchase, check the video resolution quality of the camera. Also, while some offer two-way audio communication, some do do not have a recording function and offer only a live video feed.


Our Picks

1. D-Link DCS-2630L, $299

D-Link’s DCS-2630L is a full HD (high definition) camera with an inbuilt microphone and speaker to pick up loud noises and provide two-way audio communication. It has a wide 180-degree viewing angle, motion detection recording, and is also equipped with Infrared that lets it function in total darkness. Its app allows you to get a live feed on your mobile phone.

2. Netgear Arlo Wire Free, $248 for single camera

Netgear's Arlo Wire Free is weatherproof and 100 per cent wireless because it is powered by batteries. As such, it is suitable for outdoor surveillance. It's available as a single camera or as a bundle of up to 5 cameras. Besides live video feed to your mobile devices, it offers seven days of recorded video footage stored on Netgear's cloud server for free.

3. Withings Home HD Camera, $265

Primarily an indoor surveillance digital camera and marketed as a "superior baby monitor", the Withings Home HD Camera has two-way audio communication, night vision and sensors that gives you air quality alerts. However, it cannot record video footage.