We speak to Herve Martin, CEO of Frette, a 156-year-old luxury italian bed-linen label.

When it comes to bed linen, what are some trends we can expect this year?

There’s a strong inclination towards bedding that is opulent in a restrained manner. For example, patterned designs are contemporary yet ornate, while designs with minimalist elements combining silks and constructions can add a 3-D look to the fabrics.

Do you have any tips on choosing the right bed linen for the home?

First, identify the ideal fabric suited to your sleeping preference. For example, poplin — a plain weave fabric of any fibre or blend — is ideal for summer or tropical weather as it is cool to the touch; satin gives a warmer and smoother sense of comfort, and pure linen can achieve an ultra cool effect. Choose the right linen depending on your preferences and home interior style. Pure silk or down fillers — the fluffy undercoat beneath the feathers of geese and ducks — provide maximum comfort. If you are drawn towards soft hotel-type beds, then a topper over the mattress is a must.

The Frette Juliette collection showcases rich ivory, and floral and foliage motifs, against a dusty blue background.

How important is thread count?

Thread counts are important, but not indispensible. It is more important to choose the right fabric quality before going for the highest thread count. Instead of a high thread count and a low-quality fabric, it is better to opt for a lower thread count and high-quality fabric.

How does the choice of bed linen affect the overall look of the interiors?

Colour can do wonders to the look of your room and your mood as well. If your room has a dark palette, white bed linen in cotton sateen would instantly “brighten” the room. Certain colours and compositions of fabric can add warmth and create the illusion of space, too.

For an industrial-style home, accessorise with plain but bold colours to create contrast. Avoid pastel colours, lace or ornate jacquard patterns.

The Frette Hotel linen features elegant embroidery inspired by the brand’s past collections of linen for luxury hotels.

To achieve a boho-chic look, opt for pure linen layered with contemporary ornate jacquard patterns in neutral colours to highlight the texture of the fabric.

Visit Frette at B1 Takashimaya department store, or www.frette.com.