Ceccotti’s furniture designs are contemporary and fluid, each piece handcrafted by specialised craftsmen and made so well that they are almost impossible to replicate.   

The Italian brand recently opened its new 1,700sqf showroom within Asiatique Collections, showcasing the largest collection of pieces outside of Italy. 


Ceccotti first started out in 1956 as a workshop creating specialised furniture for residences and luxury hotels such as Sheraton. But in 1986, the brand was renewed with a fresh direction.

Now, Ceccotti carries a large range of customisable contemporary designs, such as dining tables, chairs, and bed frames, inspired by curves and shapes. Wood such as oak and walnut are mainly used in the making of these furniture pieces, all crafted by hand.


The showroom is designed to be simple and clean in order to let the furniture shine. Natural lighting from large windows and spotlights bring out the detailed artistry of the designs.


One of the brand’s iconic pieces displayed here is Big Bean (pictured). This desk, which retails for $42,000, is made of 346 American cherry wood and walnut pieces, all put together by hand. Prices for Ceccotti Collezioni furniture start from $1,050 for a simple mirror.


Ceccotti Collezioni at Asiatique Collections is located at 14A Dempsey Road, tel: 6471-3146.