If you’re having a hard time finding suitable furniture pieces for your home, look to customising them, a service which local brand Etch & Bolts offers. At its new, larger showroom located in Tai Seng, you can preview a large variety of trendy and contemporary sofas, tables and shelving designs that you can put together according to your specifications.


The brand prides itself particularly on its sofa customisation. Here, you can specify details, such as legs, type of wood stain and seating comfort (density of the filling). The sofas feature solid wooden frames and removable slip covers in more than 80 fabric options — both solid colours and prints — and leather upholstery. 


For the shelving designs, choose tones for the metal hardware and colour stains for the wood. Zaelyn Tan, a co-founder of the shop that first started as an online store three years ago, shares that the pieces are made using American ash wood. This is not common for furniture manufacturers and designers in Singapore, as most prefer to use teak and other woods that are more easily acquired in the region, she says. “Natural ash has a light tone, so we can stain it to suit lots of different looks,” she explains. 


Besides customised furniture, there is also the Live Edge series of tables, made using solid walnut and ebony wood slabs. Etch & Bolts also offers decor accessories and lighting from various brands, most of which are local, such as Meykrs, Stitches And Tweed, and Victor Alpha.


Every now and then, events and workshops are held, so keep a look out for interesting things to do. There is also a cosy coffee bar where you can get your kopi fix while you shop for furniture!


Etch & Bolts is at 3 Little Road, Level 2, tel: 6386-4721, www.etchandbolts.com