If the name Noa sounds familiar to you, it’s because they are the people behind the well-known Noa Mattress. Noa pioneered the concept of providing an extremely affordable and high quality mattress, which can be purchased online and comes delivered with easy unboxing. On top of that, Noa also offers an impressive 100-night trial, which means you can send it back if you’re not absolutely happy with your sleep after 100 nights.

Now Noa has been getting plenty of positive feedback online about its mattress, so it’s terrific news for homeowners here that the company decided to expand its product range to include sofas and armchair as well.

Developed to fit into homes of any all sizes and design styles, the new collection of sofas by Noa is also made with high-performance LiveSmart fabrics, which are easy to maintain and highly durable. Here are five spectacular reasons why we think the Noa sofa collection is going to be an absolute hit with local homeowners.

(Photo: www.noahome.com)

1) 4 versatile designs

You’ll definitely find a sofa to fit your needs, whether you’re living on your own or looking for stylish appointment for the whole family. Choose from four sofa and armchair designs: Flow, Madison, Soho and the Soho armchair. Style-wise, they have plenty to offer, from contemporary to classic as well as smart and casual.

(Photo: www.noahome.com)

Flow is a modular three-piece sectional design with a modern look. You can arrange it any way you like, in different configurations to adapt to the layout of your living space. Configure it to create a spacious area for your guests to lounge around at gatherings, or arrange it to give yourself a cosy nook to chill out in when you’re alone.

(Photo: www.noahome.com)

As your style and spaces evolve, so will the Madison sofa. You can easily switch from left to right, tufted or not, thanks to the gorgeous reversible L-Shaped sectional, along with a freestanding ottoman and flippable seat and back cushions.

(Photo: www.noahome.com)

The Soho sofa and armchair is ideal for those who prefer something more classic and timeless, which can be easily paired with rooms of all styles. The plush tufted seat and round bolster cushions evoke a Mid-Century flair, while the clean lines maintain a smart but casual and inviting silhouette.

2) Good for pets, great for families

(Photo: www.noahome.com)

The Noa sofa collection is made with high-performance US-engineered LiveSmart fabrics, which provide exceptional comfort, quality and value. Instead of coating the sofa with synthetic chemicals in order to make them water-resistant, LiveSmart fabrics are treated at the yarn level using eco-friendly materials so you can rest easy knowing that your sofa was made to be moisture- and stain-resistant from the very start. We did a test by letting a puppy play and eat on the sofa, and all we had to do was a quick wipe to bring the sofa back to pristine condition.

3) Size DOES matter

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Size is everything when space is a premium in an apartment, but the new Noa sofa collection has solutions for big or small homes. Despite its diminutive size, the Soho sofa is wonderfully proportioned and superbly tufted making you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. For more space, the Flow sofa can be configured to seat eight to 10 people, ensuring everyone has enough room to interact and have fun in your living room.

4) Affordable pricing (plus a 1-year warranty)

(Photo: www.noahome.com)

Noa remains absolutely competitive when it comes to the prices of its sofas. Buy your sofa online, which means the company channels all the value it saved from having a physical showroom directly to the consumer instead, and that’s pretty good news for us. Experienced in sending purchases directly to you, Noa also provides quick delivery and free shipping too.

5) Superb quality, free returns

Good looks aside, we can also attest to the fact that the Noa sofa collection is made to withstand the rigours of daily life. All the seams are beautifully finished, with excellent sewing quality and smooth to the touch. Every sofa is made ready to be used as soon as it arrives at the door. Combined with a failsafe approach to the purchase, there’s nothing holding you back from getting one yourself. Check it out now here.

Brought to you by Noa.