What Ambi Climate is…

According to its website, the Ambi Climate 2 is positioned as the “world’s first A.I. enabled smart air-conditioner controller”. While there are already several air-conditioners that come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities (such as the new models from Samsung and Daikin), Ambi Climate is meant to be the missing link that turns your typical air-conditioner into a smart appliance. All you need to do is to pair your air-con’s remote to the Ambi Climate 2, and your air-con unit can be instantly controlled and monitored through the Ambi Climate app (downloadable on iOS and Android).


There’s one caveat though… in order for your air-con remote controller to pair with the device, it needs to have an LCD panel. We’re not entirely sure why that’s a requirement, but I guess it is because remotes with an LCD panel were designed to reflect temperature fluctuations accurately, which is something the Ambi Climate seeks to manage.

Manage temperature fluctuations?

Yes, Ambi Climate 2 is more than just a device that allows you to switch on/off or take control of your air-conditioner through your mobiel device, it also comes programmed with a “Comfort” mode that actually studies your preferred temperature throughout the day/night and control the temperature according to your habits/lifestyle patterns.


For example, some homeowners may wake up in the middle of the night just to turn down the air-conditioner because they feel too cold, well, with Ambi Climate 2, the gadget automatically adjusts the temperature once it has learnt your preference (for that, you got to give it three-four days).


What you do is to let the A.I. know how you are feeling at the moment, by tapping on the various levels of temperature preference, ranging from ‘Too hot’, to ‘A bit hot’, to ‘Comfort’, and all the way to ‘Too Cold’. Over the course of the next few days, the device will understand and plan your desired room temperature accordingly.

What I like about the Ambi Climate 2

I like that it turns my air-con into a smart device, without having to replace the entire air-conditioning system. For the price of $135 per device, it’s a reasonable price to pay to upgrade your air-con. However, one Ambi Climate unit can only be paired with one air-con unit, so you will need to get additional units if you want to wire up the air-conditioners in all your rooms of the house. The cost then becomes an issue.


I also like that the artificial intelligence helps to monitor the temperature of the room even when I’m not at home, it’s a great feature for those with pets at home, because the Ambi Climate 2 automatically switches the air-con on when it detects the temperature of the room becoming too warm, and cools the room down to the preferred temperature before switching the air-con off again. As you can see in the video, my Frenchie Milky prefers an ambient temperature of 26 degrees Celcius, and I don’t have to worry that the room will get too warm when I’m not around because Ambi Climate 2 will help to manage the temperature. Ambi Climate 2 can also be connected to Alexa, Google Home or Siri, allowing you to control the app with voice commands.


Final Verdict: I think Ambi Climate 2 is a great buy IF you are just looking to manage the temperature in one part of the house, say your living room or bedroom. I use mine to switch on the air-conditioner in the living room before I reach home in the evenings, so I can come back to a cool space. The fact that I live alone is also a mitigating reason for my purchase, because it can get complicated if you share the home with more people because the truth is different individuals prefer different temperatures even when they are in the same room. Some homeowners may also feel that the Ambi Climate 2’s features do not warrant the price of over $100.