better air biologica review singaporeThe Biologic next to my Tyrion Funkopop for size reference.


I’ve been testing out the Betterair Biologic Purifier in the office for over a month. Placed in between the joint desks of my colleague and I, the purifier has been spritzing environmental probiotics — "envirobiotics" — into the air every 30 minutes. They envirobiotics are supposed to land on various surfaces — my dirty keyboard and telephone, included — and fight for the same food supply and space as that of bad bacteria. Eventually, the bad bacteria will be quarantined and prevented from multiplying or driven out altogether. 


better air biologica review singaporeWhat you'll receive in each package.


I must admit it is hard to quantify this as I do not have issues with mould or frequent skin irritation — where users report the best results — but I was impressed when my colleague, who has been experiencing itchy eyes in the office, noticed an improvement.

I also have the 75ml travel-friendly Betterair Spray bottle in my bedroom, which I spray as and when I feel there is a stale odour. It has effectively removed the polluting smells of traffic and cigarette smoke.

Overall, I may not have experienced a big change, but I believe strongly in the science of it. And that is, like our bodies, our surfaces need a balanced ecology of good and bad bacteria. More on that in this article which explains further.


better air biologica review singapore The cartridge is easy to remove and insert.


The Biologic device ($299 including one cartridge) is so inconspicuous and silent, I forget it’s there. It also has an anti-slip base, only switches on every 30 minutes, and comes with a USB wire for charging. Simple, fuss-free, and good for your health.

If you are interested in how the Betterair Biotica 800 (a model designed for the home environment) performs, watch this #Checkitout with Young Lim episode where our editor reviews some interesting new products!


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