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In Singapore, disposing of Christmas trees after the holiday season can pose a few challenges due to the tropical climate, waste management considerations, and environmental concerns.

How do I dispose of Christmas trees in Singapore?

Now, if you’re going easy on plastics and opted for a real live Christmas tree, know that Singapore’s waste management system may be efficient, but the disposal of real Christmas trees may be a challenge. While there are green waste collection services, the disposal of large items like Christmas trees may not be as straightforward as regular household waste.

You can’t just dump your live Christmas tree downstairs at the main rubbish chute or waste centre!

For those of you who opt for real Christmas trees, disposing of them after the festive season can be more environmentally friendly. However, it may require proper coordination with waste collection services to ensure that the trees are handled appropriately.

8 Live Christmas Tree Disposal Services Singapore

Here are 8 Christmas tree disposal services that you engage. All you have to do is to pay, schedule a pickup date, and someone will swing by your doorstep to pick up your old Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Disposal SingaporePrice
Ji Mei Flower$40 – $80
Tidings Christmas Tree$60 – $110
Island Landscape$50
Sing See Soon$45 – $65
Far East Flora$40 – $80
Merry Christmas SG$55
HDB Town CouncilFree
Mandai Wildlife ReserveYour own delivery
*Prices accurate as of time of writing
Ji Mei Flower Christmas Tree Disposal Singapore

Ji Mei Flower, $40 – $80

Located at 5 Joan Road off Thomson, Ji Mei Flower is one of the most renowned flower suppliers in Singapore. Come every Christmas, it is also a hot spot for real live Christmas trees. Ji Mei Flower offers Christmas tree disposal services for Christmas Trees purchased from Ji Mei Flower here in Singapore. There are two prices:

  • Christmas tree up to 8 or 9 ft: $40
  • Christmas tree up to 9 to 10 ft: $80

You’ll have to book your Christmas tree pick up day online. You can choose a day from 26 to 30 December, and 3 to 16 January 2024. All collection timings are between 9am to 9pm.

If you’re now planning where to purchase your Christmas tree from, do consider if your Christmas tree shop offers disposal services like Ji Mei Flower.

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Tidings Christmas Tree, $60 – $110

Tidings Christmas Tree used to be a physical Christmas store in Singapore. They closed in 2018, and reopened online in 2019. Over at the Tidings Christmas Tree website, you’ll be able to find a range of artificial and real live Christmas trees at pretty affordable price points.

Tidings offers a real live Christmas tree disposal service ranging from $60 to $110 for trees between 5 to 8 ft. Prices may sound more than other Christmas tree suppliers and disposal services. The great catch is that you don’t have to be an existing customer (nor bought your Christmas tree from Tidings) to engage their Christmas tree disposal services.

You’ll have to contact them on WhatsApp at 8952 2179 to make a booking.

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Island Landscape, $50

Also located along the Lornie/ Thomson Road cluster of plant nurseries is Island Landscape that has been around since 1976. This Christmas, Island Landscape is offering both real live Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees for sale.

It’s a little old school (but romantic and nostalgic), but you need to download their order form online to order your Christmas trees from Island Landscape. Quite fun, isn’t it? For convenience, you can still pop in store to make your Xmas tree purchase.

If you purchased your tree from Island Landscape, you can simultaneously book your Christmas tree disposal for $35 or $60.

Island Landscape offers ala carte Christmas tree disposal service as well, and you can book that for $50 on their website.

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Sing See Soon, $45 – $65

Located at Simei Lane and Punggol East, Sing See Soon sells a small selection of Christmas tree every year end. This year, the smaller 4 to 5 ft Christmas trees at Sing See Soon seem to have been sold out.

Sing See Soon offers Christmas tree disposal services at $45 (for 4 to 10 ft) and $65 (for 11 to 15 ft) as well. Make your booking online, or enquire with Sing See Soon’s customer service via their Chatbot online.

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Far East Flora, $40 – 80

If you bought your real live Christmas tree from Far East Flora, you can top up $40 for their Christmas tree disposal team to come by your doorstep to pick up your Christmas tree.

Christmas tree disposal dates range from 26 to 31 Dec, and 2 to 7 Jan 2024. You’ll have to make your booking online.

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Merry Christmas SG, $55

This simple Christmas online store in Singapore has little details about its business, location, and history.

It offers a seasonal small selection of Christmas trees smaller Noble Fir, Merry Fir, and Charlie Brown Christmas trees ranging from $280 to $330.

Merry Christmas SG also offers Christmas tree disposal services in January 2024 at $55 each. There’s not much information available online. Merry Christmas SG asks that you pay online first before selecting available dates.

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Mandai Wildlife Reserve

For something a little more meaningful, you could actually donate your Christmas trees to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve in Singapore! According to Mandai, live Christmas trees can be used as enrichment objects for the animals.

“Used live Christmas trees donated by households and commercial entities in Singapore were given to our animals for scent stimulation and play,” writes the Mandai Wildlife Reserve website.

Now, if you’re an animal lover, you’ll know to play your part – we recommend that you don’t dump your stinky and shrivelled (or chemical-ladened) Christmas trees to Mandai. Ensure they are untreated, safe, and in good, pristine nice-smelling condition before you approach the zoo.

You never know if these fur babies might decide to take a bite and we don’t want to hurt their tummies!

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HDB Town Council

Finally, the free option. If you live in a HDB flat in Singapore, know that you’re not supposed to just dump your Christmas tree at the lift lobby. Contact your town council, or look through the notice board at your lift lobby for the estate cleaning supervisor’s name and phone number.

Contact them, and arrange for a date for the estate cleaners to come by to pick up and dispose of your Christmas tree. Alas, be nice! Be kind, the estate cleaners have a lot of work to do – not just here to attend to your Christmas tree.

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Artificial Christmas tree disposal

Many Christmas trees used in Singapore are artificial, which are made of non-biodegradable materials like plastic and metal. Disposing of artificial trees can be challenging because they do not decompose naturally.

Recycling options for Christmas trees may be limited, especially if they are artificial. Some communities or environmental organizations may offer recycling programs for real trees, turning them into mulch or compost, but these services may not be widely available.

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