Should I buy a real Christmas tree this year? Well, if you’ve never bought a live Christmas tree for your home before, there are several considerations to first pour over.

Real Live Christmas Trees in Singapore

There are four common types of real Christmas trees available in Singapore for sale. They are namely the Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Normann Fir, and Norfolk Island Pine. However, all of them have been felled and shipped from countries such as the United States.

When you buy a live Christmas tree, it instantly spruces up your home and sets you in the festive mood. The fresh, pine smell of a real Christmas tree will waft through your entire house as well – and it honestly smells amazing.

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However, there’s always a huge risk of fire since it’s actual wood. You will need to ensure that your nursery or plant supplier has sprayed on a fire retardant to your real Christmas tree before delivering. If you have pets at home, this will be extremely toxic to them in the event they ingest or lick the chemical-coated Christmas tree.

Post-Christmas, there’s the issue of disposal. You can’t keep it around for that long. Real Christmas trees do rot and the once-fragrant pine scent will turn sour and pungent. In Singapore, you’re not allowed to just chuck out your Christmas tree in the public bin. You are required to properly dispose it through bulky trash removal vendors, your plant nursery, or condo MCST’s bulky trash programme.

Considering its end-to-end trajectory, real Christmas trees are beautiful to have for a week or two but are pretty detrimental to the environment.

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8 Christmas Tree Shops Singapore (2023 Prices)

If you’ve never tried a real Christmas tree and want to try your hand at buying and decorating a real Christmas tree, here are nine places in Singapore you can buy live Christmas trees.

Here’s a summary of the prices for real Christmas trees this year in Singapore. Prices listed here in this comparison table includes the actual tree, tree stand, delivery, and disposal.

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Christmas Tree Shop

Christmas Tree


IKEANot be offering live Christmas trees this year, only artificial Christmas trees

Prince’s Landscape

Noble Fir

$259 – $2,790

Cold Storage

Noble Fir, Fraser Fir

$238 – $308

Sing See Soon

Fraser Fir

$155 – $585

Far East Flora

Noble Fir

$199 – $1,303

Candy Floriculture

Noble Fir, Nordmann Fir, Picea Glauca, Nobilis

$244 – $5,053

Corona Florist

In-store only

In-store only

Henry Christmas Wholesaler

In-store only

In-store only

Bedok Garden & Landscape

In-store only

In-store only

Prince’s Landscape Christmas Trees (The Green Corner)

Prince’s Landscape has always been a hot Christmas tree shopping spot for Singaporeans. They import Christmas trees from Oregon, United States of America. 

This year, there’s only the Noble Fir available at Prince’s Landscape. Heights and prices range from 4 ft ($259) to 12 ft ($2,790).

You can also opt for your tree to be treated with fire retardant (add $50) prior to sale. Price includes:

  • Tree stand (on loan)
  • Free delivery
  • Set up
  • Dismantle
  • Disposal
  • Two free poinsettias 

While you’re there, you can already take a look at the Lunar New Year auspicious plants and flowers on display. 

Prince’s Landscape is located at 53 Sungei Tengah Road. Tel: 6763 7000

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Buy real Christmas trees from Cold Storage from $139 (Photo Cold Storage)
Buy real Christmas trees from Cold Storage from $139 (Photo Cold Storage)

Cold Storage Christmas Tree

If you live or work near a Cold Storage or CS Fresh, you’re in luck. This year, Cold Storage has three heights of Fraser Fir Christmas trees available, ranging from:

  • 5 to 6 ft ($139)
  • 6 to 7 ft ($169)
  • 7 to 8 ft ($199)

You will, however, need to get a Christmas tree stand and pay for delivery:

  • Small Tree Stand up to 6 ft ($39)
  • Big Tree Stand up to 8 ft ($49)
  • Delivery Fee ($60)

There is no mention of fire retardants. If you have candles or roasts going on, you might want to purchase a fire retardant spray from one of the plant nurseries.

Order Christmas Trees from Cold Storage, CS Fresh, or online. Home delivery only.

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Sing See Soon Christmas tree 4 to 5 feet

Sing See Soon

Sing See Soon is a family-owned florist and landscaper’s that’s reportedly been around since 1879. They have two locations – one in Punggol and another in Simei.

This year, Sing See Soon has Fraser Fir Christmas trees ranging from 4 to 9 ft available. Prices are as follow:

  • 4 to 5 ft ($155)
  • 5 to 6 ft ($235)
  • 6 to 7 ft ($260)
  • 8 to 9 ft ($498)
  • 9 to 10 ft ($585)

There’s no mention of fire retardants applied to the trees, neither does Sing See Soon offer ala carte services for that. Other miscellaneous costs include:

  • Disposal ($45 or $65)
  • Delivery ($30)
  • Tree Stand ($18 and up)

Sing See Soon is located at 32 Punggol E, and 5 Simei Lane.

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Far East Flora 4 to 5 foot christmas tree

Far East Flora Christmas Tree

Far East Flora is the go-to florist, nursery, and landscaper’s in Singapore. This year, we’ve got Noble Fir trees from USA ranging from 5 to 8 ft available. Early bird prices range from:

  • 30cm to 50cm ($129 to $248)
  • 4 to 5 ft ($199)
  • 5 to 6 ft ($259)
  • 6 to 7 ft ($298)
  • 7 to 8 ft ($363)
  • 8 to 9 ft ($513)
  • 9 to 10 ft ($793)
  • 10 to 11 ft ($1,303)

Christmas tree stands are included, but you will need to pay:

  • Disposal ($40 or $80)
  • Delivery fees ($30 or $50)
  • Maximum 3 floors staircase ($30)

You can order online for convenience, or step in store to choose and lug home your own Christmas tree (gonna be a mess in the boot!).

Far East Flora is located at 565 Thomson Road. Tel: 6251 2323

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Candy Floriculture has both Noble Fir (sold out) and Nordmann Fir Christmas trees for sale. (Photo Candy Floriculture)

Candy Floriculture Christmas Tree

Located just down the road from Far East Flora is Candy Floriculture. This year, Candy Floriculture has an array of mini Christmas trees, Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir Christmas trees available for purchase.

Nordmann Fir Christmas trees do not have that pine scent that Noble Fir trees do – suitable for you and your family if someone in your household loathes the pine smell.

Prices range from $12 to $5,000 and up:

  • Mini Christmas Trees: $12 to $110
  • 4 to 5 ft ($244)
  • 5 to 6 ft ($309)
  • 6 to 7 ft ($369)
  • 7 to 8 ft ($494)
  • 8 to 9 ft ($694)
  • 9 to 10 ft ($1,015)
  • 10 to 11 ft ($1,460)
  • 11 to 12 ft ($1,789)
  • 12 to 13 ft ($2,789)

You will need to pay for miscellaneous things such as:

  • Tree Stand (Loan)
  • Delivery ($10 and up)

Candy Floriculture is located at 567 Thomson Road. Tel: 6256 6788.

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Corona Florist and Nursery

Corona Florist is a familiar sight for West-siders and students of SIM and Ngee Ann Poly alike. Corona Florist is not very active online, and does not list their selection of Christmas trees online.

You will need to pay a visit to their idyllic nursery hidden near the landed enclave of Sunset Way to select your own Christmas tree.

Corona Florist is located at 388F Clementi Road. Tel: 6466 2827. WhatsApp 8860 4984

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Visit Henry Christmas Wholesale at night to best enjoy the sparkling festive decor lined down the street. (Photo Henry Christmas Wholesale)

Henry Christmas Wholesaler

Henry Christmas Wholesaler is a family-owned business that’s been around since the late 1930s. The store is a visual feast of fairy lights, LED lights, sparkly baubles, Santa Claus decorations, and rows of Christmas trees.

While their selection of Christmas trees is not available online, you will find over 20 types of Christmas trees in store. Heights range from 0.6m to 3.6m tall.

Visit the store at night to enjoy the brightly-lit festive decor and Christmas trees lined down the streets of the shophouse unit. It really does feel like a mini Christmas Wonderland.

If you drive, take note that the nearest carpark is at Grandlink Square.

Henry Christmas Wholesaler is located at 734 Geylang Road. WhatsApp: 9233 0292

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Bedok Garden & Landscape

Bedok Garden and Landscape’s Christmas tree delivery has just arrived yesterday, and are available for viewing from today (Nov 14) onwards. 

Much like Corona Florist, Bedok Garden and Landscape doesn’t have an e-commerce website. You will need to pay a visit to their space to check out the available Christmas trees and their prices.

Bedok Garden Landscape is located at 4A Bedok South Road, Far East Flora Clementi, 5 Clementi Road. Tel: 6244 2216

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Buy real Christmas tree in Singapore. Different types of Christmas trees in Singapore

6 Common Christmas Trees in Singapore

Few things indicate the arrival of Christmas more than the mass set-up of pine trees in homes here.

Yet all year round, there are signs of Christmas cheer in verdant Singapore.

Mr Oh Cheow Sheng, group director for streetscape at the National Parks Board (NParks) said sub-tropical and tropical conifers – a group of trees including the iconic Christmas pine – can be found in Singapore’s green spaces.

“In addition to sub-tropical and tropical conifers, NParks has been planting a diversity of other trees with conical forms to enrich our urban landscape, be it along our streets or in our parks,” he said.

1. Sea Teak (Podocarpus Polystachyus)

This critically endangered tree is a tropical conifer that can grow up to 20m in height. Tolerant of poor soils, it grows naturally in habitats close to the shoreline, such as the landward edge of mangrove forests and rocky and sandy seashores. It is an important source of softwood timber, which is used for furniture and oars, for instance.

2. Borneo Kauri (Agathis Borneesis)

Native to the low and highland forests of Borneo, Malaysia and Indonesia, the Borneo kauri is a large conifer that can grow up to 50m. Its timber has been used for guitars, pianos, cabinets and boats.

3. Cook Pine (Araucaria Columnaris)

Up to 30m tall, the Cook pine is an evergreen conifer native to New Caledonia. Like all other conifers, this species produces male and female cones on separate trees, although the cones and seeds are seldom produced in Singapore. The tree is named after Captain James Cook, who discovered the plant on the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia.

4. Elutong (Dyera Costulata)

Native to Singapore, the Jelutong is a flowering tree that develops a conical form when young. This large tree can grow up to 80m tall, and can be found in Singapore’s forests. It has broad leaves that are replaced by young, red leaves after a long dry spell. The latex tapped from this tree is called gutta jelutong, which was once used to make chewing gum.

5. Common Malayan Mistletoe (Dendrophthoe Pentandra)

This is the most common species of mistletoe in Singapore, and can be found growing on trees and shrubs along roads, in parks and gardens. This bushy plant can grow up to 2m tall, and has fruit that look like berries, which can grow up to 1.2cm in length, and may be covered with soft hair. The leaves of this mistletoe can be pounded and used to treat sores and ulcers, and is also known as a post-childbirth medication.

6. Sea Holly (Acanthus Sp.)

Singapore has three species of the sea holly, all of which grow in mangrove habitats. They have spiny leaves similar to the temperate plant used in Christmas decorations, although the local versions are not closely related to the Christmas holly. Instead, they were named after the Christmas holly due to the resemblance of the shape of their leaves.

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Part of this article was written by Audrey Tan for The Straits Times in 2019.