The Iron Blue model of the Dyson Pure Cool Link fits in well with the living room design of interior designer Sarah Tham’s four-bedroom condominium apartment.

Did you know the air inside your home could be more polluted than the air outside? Toxic fumes from cleaning solvents, deodorants and scented candles are some of the most common indoor air pollutants, based on a study carried out by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Fret not! Now, you can keep cool, and improve air quality at home at the same time, with the Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier fan. 

“The fan fits easily into any corner of my home, and its good looks are a talking point among my guests,” says Mike Tan, founder of lifestyle concept store Egg 3.

This machine removes 99.95 per cent of indoor allergens, and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns, from the air. It has a 360-degree, vacuum-sealed glass HEPA filter and a layer of activated carbon granules, which captures
and removes odours and harmful toxins!

Unlike most other purifiers that project air only upwards or in a singular direction, the Dyson Pure Cool Link excels at circulating clean air across a room thanks to Dyson’s signature Air Multiplier technology.

The White Silver model looks great with the monochrome palette of Mike’s condominium apartment, and pairs well with his contemporary furniture pieces.

You can even “see” if the purifier is working, with the new Dyson Link mobile application. It lets you keep an eye on the quality of the air in your home in real-time; and enables the machine to swing into action when pollutants are detected. You can monitor air quality anytime, anywhere, and even keep track weekly air quality trends in your home.

What’s more, the application doubles up as a remote; you can turn it on or off, control the speed, toggle the oscillation feature, and even set a timer, all while you are at work or out on your daily commute. For ultimate control, you can even schedule specific timings for the machine to clean the air.

Good design goes down to even the smallest details — the machine’s lightweight remote control attaches to the top of the fan magnetically, so you’ll never lose it!

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is available as a desk fan ($699) and a tower fan ($1,099). They are available at major department and electrical stores, and come with a two-year warranty for parts and labour. Find out more at