Look for a store and you will never find it, because Retro Colony is actually situated within a residential apartment unit.

Located at #01-05, Blk 73 Eng Watt Street, this showroom is so well disguised that you might be forgiven for missing it altogether. But once you zoom in on the non-descript vintage gate and aluminium-framed glass door, what lies behind is a retro-world of superbly crafted furnishing and accessories. 

Cole, from Retro Colony, is usually the man you’d find inside. He’s also the best person to talk to if you want to find out more about the furniture brand it carries – Karimoku. 

Hand made and crafted entirely in Japan, Karimoku is an established Japanese furniture brand that began by producing furniture specifically for the Japanese market. Over time, increasing demand from international buyers prompted the brand to increase its production. However, this has not affected its level of quality or detail. 

Wandering around the tight space, visitors can discover plenty of unique finds as well, ranging from vintage tea cups to typewriters and even an old doll or two. 

Apart from the wooden furniture, one can also source for vintage American lockers for the home. Not only are these lockers sturdy enough to hold your clothes or shoes, you can also use them for toys and other assorted bric-a-brac. 

The space might seem somewhat confined, what with all the furniture on display, but that just serves to make Retro Colony so much cosier and intimate, just like how you’d feel being back at your granny’s when you were a child. 

However, be warned that much like visiting your friend’s home, appointments should definitely be made if you want to drop by for a look (call 9179 9680). Just in case you accidentally barge into someone else’s home.

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