Robot vacuums were always meant to make our lives easier by removing one factor of the cleaning equation – us, the humans. Yet, in doing so, it introduced more pain points like cleaning the base station, dumping out the dirty water in the wastewater tank, untangling hair caught in the brushes, and more. Well, that’s until the DreameBot X30 Ultra was launched.

DreameBot X30 Ultra Review

The new DreameBot X30 Ultra promises to solve most of those issues. Recently announced at CES 2024 that took place in January 2024, the robot vacuum comes with Dream’s first-ever self-cleaning base station with a 7-in-1 array of automatic features that aims to automate even more of the cleaning process.

DreameBot X30 Ultra Release Date

In the US, the DreameBot X30 ultra will be available for pre-orders from 28 February 2024.

The DreameBot X30 ultra will be priced from US$1,699.99 (~S$2,263), although there’s no mention of pricing and availability for Dreame Singapore just yet. We will update this article if we hear any updates on local availability and pricing.

DreameBot X30 Ultra Self Cleaning

To start, the self-cleaning base station has built-in scrapers to clean the base station’s plates. The DreameBot X30 Ultra can also wash the mop with hot water and dry it with hot air. It can also automatically empty the wastewater tank and refill it with clean water. What’s more, the station can automatically mix the ideal ratio of cleaning solution to water.

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Water Tank

There’s also an optional Water Hookup kit that can directly connect the station to the plumbing in the house so that it can draw water on its own. As for dust and debris, the DreameBot X30 Ultra robot vacuum cleaner automatically empties them from its internal dust bin into the large 3.2L container in the base station.

Dreame claims this large capacity means the base station only needs to be emptied once every 75 days, although this will certainly vary based on how dirty your home is. 

Ultra Brush

What’s more, the DreameBot X30 Ultra has also comes with an Anti-Tangle TriCut brush with cutting heads to cut away hair strands that get tangled around the brush, meaning homeowners with long hair now no longer need to struggle with trying to cut apart or untangle the mass of tightly wound hair commonly seen with other robot vacuum brushes.

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The mopping performance has also been upgraded here, with the new MopExtend RoboSwing technology that allows Dreame’s Flex Arm to twist and get as far as 4cm deeper into nooks and crannies to get out all the hidden debris. When the robot vacuum switches to mopping mode, it will automatically detect and avoid carpets, or lift the mop up to 10.5mm to avoid touching the carpet surface.


The digital motor inside can produce up to 8,300Pa of suction power and a 6,400mAh battery provides up to 260 minutes of vacuuming or mopping in quiet mode. This is said to be sufficient to clean up to 243m², which is roughly double the size of most standard 5-room apartments here in Singapore.

All in all, the DreameBot X30 Ultra sounds like a dream come true for homeowners who really hate getting their hands dirty and don’t mind paying top dollar for a robot to do the dirty work.

Source: Photos courtesy: Dreame.