Are rising electricity costs a concern to you? Well, here’s an ideal solution to lowering your energy consumption and staying cool at the same time. Ceiling fans are a great investment for our hot tropical climate, but fitting them into a small space can be a problem. With this in mind, local fan specialist Efenz has created a capsule collection of DC fans that is not only environmentally friendly, they also use less electricity and can be installed in rooms with low ceiling height as well.

The slim DC fan from Kith collection measures only 85mm. This means it is perfect for any HDB or apartment home with limited ceiling height. The specially crafted 155 motor, uniquely curved blades and LED panel are amalgamated into one body, creating a slim and sleek facade to effectively cool down your living space without occupying important real estate in your home.

Aside from its cooling properties, the slim DC fan also comes with the option of installing a LED light panel. The sleek lighting element can be seamlessly fitted into the fan, combining both form and function in one elegant appliance.

The DC fan from Kith collection is as user-friendly as it is a space saver in the home. Each fan is accompanied with a matte black remote control that is comfortable to hold and operate. One key feature of the remote control is its ability to toggle between the three light settings (Day Light, Warm White and Cool White) at the touch of a button. Create the perfect mood any time of the day or night simply by pressing the dedicated button for each light setting, there’s also a dimmer function allowing you full control of the light intensity.

What makes the DC fan from Kith collection unique, is the natural breeze function. Wind produced with this feature varies in strength, similar to the feel of a natural breeze. In addition to the soothing draft it produces, the curved blades of the fan can also spin in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Stand to save on electrical usage by selecting the appropriate direction throughout the year. A counter-clockwise direction creates a downdraft, which cools down the room more effectively, while a clockwise direction offers as much as 15 per cent savings on electricity as it circulates the air in the room, keeping it warm during the cool rainy season.

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that the DC fan is made of the highest quality, with parts superficially designed to function individually, making them easy to maintain and repair. The Kith collection fans are available in five different sizes. Homeowners can also choose from four contemporary colours.

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