Standing in the shower and letting the water wash away the stresses of the day is one of the best ways to cool off and relax in hot and humid Singapore. But do you know that you can go one step further to enhance your cleaning routine and transform your bathroom into the ultimate pampering retreat?

Imagine a powerful showerhead that massages your body as you shower. hansgrohe’s new PowderRain spray in showerheads such as the new Raindance Select S 120 P hand shower can do just that.

Unlike conventional showerheads where there is only one spray opening per nozzle, PowderRain has six fine openings per nozzle – so thousands of micro droplets are created each time you turn the showerhead on. Due to the large amount of water droplets produced, PowderRain also promises an efficient shower experience, where shampoo can be easily rinsed off.

This technology not only makes the shower experience very comfortable, but also reduces splashing, therefore making it ideal even for open shower areas.

There are also Raindance overhead showers, and shower sets combined with concealed or surface-mounted mixers and thermostats, that offer PowderRain, so you can incorporate the one that best fits the design of your bathroom.

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