Housed in the industrial area of Sungei Kadut, the EDL Division gallery can easily pass off as an art space. Here, you are encouraged to touch and consider laminates beyond its conventional uses – starting with a foyer featuring an interactive art wall cladded in EDL’s metallic range.

“We want users to push the boundaries of laminates, as well as provide an immersive experience that allows them to understand the material better. After all, laminates are the clothing of your furniture and interiors,” say Eleanor and Daphne Lim, the sisters who run EDL.

Past the foyer is the spacious Courtyard – where you’ll find a display of jewellery pieces made using laminates – and an intriguing cluster of wood structures, aptly named The Woods. The latter was designed to showcase the brand’s extensive woodgrain collection, and visitors need only pull out a wooden slat to view a 3m-tall sample; the height is suitable for most HDB flats, condominium apartments, as well as retail stores.

Want something different? Head to The Library, where the entire EDL collection is on display. This includes stone- and leatherinspired finishes, block colours, as well as the Fenix range – a matte, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant material that is perfect for a utilitarian and sleek kitchen countertop.

The next collection is expected to arrive in Q3 this year.