The problem with front-loaders is, we are unable to add the forgotten sock or an extra t-shirt during a wash cycle. Opening the door while the washing machine is doing its work will result in a water spill! 

The Samsung AddWash

However, Samsung front-loaders is solving this problem with the Add Wash door – a small outlet wide enough for you to stuff extra laundry or detergent in, and high up enough to avoid water spills. 

This added door, which allows you to do all the above without having to drain water away or open the main door, also doubles as a space-saving way for after-wash ventilation. And that's important, to prevent mould and bad odour!

(More tips to prevent mould build-up, here.)

Larger models of the Samung AddWash can also be paired with your smartphone (both Android and iOs) to monitor progress of the laundry as well as set alerts on the end or start of a cycle. 

How awesome is that?

The Samsung Add Wash front loader is available at all major consumer electronics stores.