Moving into a new place? Investing in the right bed and sofa is arguably one of the most important things you can do for your new home, since both are going to be there for you for at least the next five to 10 years. These centrepieces of your home should be both stylish and comfortable, and provide adequate back support for better health in the long run.

With Cellini’s fully adjustable settings and stylish designs, you’ll be able to relax for years to come, knowing you’ve made the right investment.

Penna Leather Recliner Sofa

Sit back and relax

The Penna leather recliner sofa is the epitome of adjustable comfort: with wider and deeper seats that are luxuriously padded, you can sink right in after a hard day’s work. What’s more, its adjustable headrests and motorised recliner function lets you put your feet up and relax, business-class style, for an evening watching TV or hanging out with your family.

An elegant centrepiece for the living room

The slim profile of the armrests balances out the spacious seats, creating an elegant look that blends into the aesthetic of any living area. With eight colour options ranging from wine red to pale grey, and a modular configuration, you’ll be able to customise the look to suit your home and personality.

Float Bed

Rest in style and comfort with the Float Bed, a fully adjustable bed that allows you to recline or lie back fully depending on your activity and preferred comfort level. Its king-size frame comprises two mattresses that are seamless when put together, so you can adjust each mattress individually without disturbing your partner.

Stylish and functional

The decorative stitching on the headboard, plus the premium quality of the materials, ensures that the Float Bed remains stylish while providing you maximum comfort. It’s controlled via a wireless remote — one for each of you, of course — that can be tucked away in a removable pocket, and there are even built-in USB ports for you to charge your mobile phone!

More than just for sleep

The bed is a favourite place for reading, relaxing and browsing on your mobile before bed — so why shouldn’t it be optimised for those activities? The adjustability of the bed means you can tweak the angle until you find one that’s just right for you, providing you with better back and neck support while you catch up on social media or read a book. Meanwhile, thanks to the two independently adjustable systems, your partner can be deep in sweet slumber while lying flat on the other side of the bed.

For better health

The Float Bed helps you to take control of your sleeping position, whether it’s elevating your legs slightly for better blood circulation (great for those of us with swollen feet), or promoting easier breathing by changing the angle of your pillow. The bed’s zero-gravity technology also helps to distribute your weight more evenly, so there’s less chance of you waking up with aches from sleeping on one side for too long.

It’s great for those with sensitive skin, too. The NATURA mattress uses bamboo, whose breathability and moisture-wicking properties can keep you fresh and cool even on the warmest of nights. It’s also self-deodorising, with natural antibacterial properties that help the mattress stay resistant to fungi and bacteria. On top of that, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing that you’ve played your part in saving the environment too, since bamboo is a sustainable material.

Home Package

Select your bed, mattress, and sofa — three of the most important pieces in the home — in one package. Cellini offers an attractive home package at two different price points to suit your budget, and plenty of options within their selection. These start at just S$2,388.

These slim, stylish pieces have been designed for compact spaces, so you won’t have to worry about the sofa or bed looking too bulky in your new flat. What’s more, their furniture is fully customisable, so if you’re looking for a bigger bed or different shade to suit your home, they’ll be able to create a personalised piece just for you.

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