If you want to introduce more greens into your diet, juicing up a refreshing beverage can be deliciously rewarding. Have you heard of slow juicing, which health fanatics believe provides more detoxing benefits than regular juicing?

Get the most nutrition out of fruits and vegetables when you use the right appliance. Compared to regular juicers, the new Bosch VitaExtract Slow Juicer ensures more nutrients are packed into your favourite juice concoctions.

The VitaExtract Slow Juicer has inbuilt Gentle Squeezing technology, which processes ingredients at a slower speed to extract the most amount of juice from fruits, vegetables and even herbs. Better yet, it does this while making minimal noise.

If you prefer less pulp — and, of course, no seeds — in your juice, use the slow juicer’s MixControl function, with a simple shift of a lever, it allows you to customise the juice consistency by adjusting the amount of pulp that goes into it.

That’s not all. Never get bored of your healthy diet routine, as the slow juicer comes with a booklet comprising 30 healthy recipes for wholesome juices as well as soups, jams, and nut milk. With the Bosch Vitaextract Slow Juicer, you are on your way to a healthier you in no time.

Find out more about the Bosch VitaExtract Slow Juicer at www.bosch-home.com.sg/vitaextract.