Choosing between gas, induction and ceramic hobs actually depend on what you cook and what cookware you have. Know which hob works best for your home.

A gas hob is for you if you typically whip up Asian fare like stews and soups that require simmering on the stove at length. Gas is cheaper than electricity, which powers induction and ceramic cookers. And if your favourite cookware is the round-bottomed wok (most induction and ceramic hobs are flat and do not accommodate a wok) or a claypot (non-ferrous cookware is not induction-compatible), this is your best bet.

An induction cooker

 is the easiest to maintain. Its surface emits no heat as it uses an electromagnetic field to transfer heat directly to the cookware. So, most spills do not stick and there are no nooks and crannies to clean out, unlike the gas burner.

A ceramic hob looks like an induction one but works differently. It's usually made with electric coils under a glass panel that heat up any flat-bottomed cookware. If you don’t already have an arsenal of induction-friendly cookware and don’t want to invest in one, this is a good option that, like an induction hob, is easy to clean.

This article was originally published in Simply Her February 2015.