The 2,800 sq ft HERA Bathroom Experience Centre showroom features real-scale HDB bathroom sets too.

HERA Bathroom Showroom Review: HDB Bathtubs, vanity, and basins (2023)

by Sora Subrata  /   September 19, 2023

Expect life-size projection of bathroom plans, and moveable fixtures that allow visitors to play at being a designer using the brand’s complete offerings in this new bathroom gallery

Bathtubs are a luxury mostly left out by HDB and small apartment homeowners because they occupy a sizeable chunk of the precious bathroom square footage. Not anymore, says HERA Bathroom.

HERA Bathroom & Bathtubs

Established in 2017 by local mummy-entrepreneur Lew Eeling, the bathroom brand is known for its best- selling HDB flat-friendly bathtubs, offering no less than 78 sizes and shapes to fit our compact urban spaces.

The brand’s popularity rapidly ascended in 2020, when it was one of the first brands to migrate to e-commerce, taking advantage of the shifting shopping habits during the pandemic.

This and the collective consciousness that home is the most important place that saw us fervently upgrading our living space skyrocketed HERA Bathroom’s popularity. Catering to the customer’s demand, HERA Bathroom opened its first experience centre in May this year.

Located at Grantral Mall

Occupying a 2,800 sq ft unit at the Grantral Mall and Complex, the HERA Bathroom Experience Center features all you need to build your dream bathroom onsite. Gone are the days when you only select bathroom fixtures via catalogues or screens.

The centre offers not only many of its best-selling bathtubs to try onsite to see if you can soak in them comfortably, but also bathroom cabinets, vanities and washbasins with wide- ranging finishing options that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

You can also bring your own hardware to find the most suitable complementary elements on display. This is thanks to the moveable and modular panels, fixtures and other off-the-shelves parts – a rarity in bathroom brands.

“I sell these products like beauty products,” says Eeling. “You can have matchy-matchy colours with your interiors and easily change them when you want a refresh. HERA is a brand by and for modern women.”

Though the brand’s ease of mixing and matching is universally attractive.

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Aside from their HDB-friendly bathtubs, shoppers can also find a wide range of washbasins and vanities.

HERA Singapore Location

Designed by Cris Cheng of interior design firm Etcetera Design, the experience centre features four real-scale bathroom sets, ranging from HDB flat bathrooms – dressed with actual tiles and finishes used by HDB – to spacious condominium bathrooms.

“Have I mentioned that our bathtubs can be installed in under 30 minutes? No hacking needed. And it can be removed equally easily,” adds Eeling. That certainly makes a good case for a soaking tub in compact homes.

The HERA Bathroom Experience Centre is at #04-24 Grantral Mall and Complex, 601 MacPherson Road.

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