Do you know that you are not fully protected against harmful UVA/UVB rays even when you are indoors? Why is it so?

Ordinary glass windows and doors can only filter partial UVB rays that can cause sunburn to skin, but they cannot block UVA rays from passing through and penetrating deeply into the skin. These harmful rays can damage the skin cells and lead to hyper-pigmentation or even skin cancer!

Therefore, it is important to protect your family from these harmful rays and at the same time, ensure the product does not contain dangerous chemicals that harmful to your family and the environment. Using green and eco-friendly products not only ensure safety to users, they also help to reduce CO2 greenhouse emission that warms the globe.

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KristalBond is an eco-friendly, green product certified by Singapore Green Building Council. It is a clear liquid coating that transforms glass windows and doors instantly into thermal insulation barriers, which block out up to 99% of UV and 90% IR radiation. This way, you can have a peace of mind and live comfortably as it reduces heat build-up within the home by up to 3 degree Celsius, thus lowering your dependency on air-conditioning, in turn reducing the impact on the environment.

Having KristalBond in place, you need not worry about any toxic release due to overexposure to heat, as it is made of plastic-free material with the latest SOL-GEL and nanotechnology, making it safe to use for all households. Since it is in liquid form, it can be applied on any contours and curves of the glass yet maintain its durability against wear and tear.  

How is KristalBond different from tinted films?

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