Young Lim, editor of Home & Decor Singapore puts the Secretlab Omega chair to the test to see how it measures up in terms of design and function. 

My curiosity over Secretlab’s Omega chair began over a discussion with two friends, who are avid gamers, about how they can manage to stay put in a chair for hours (or sometimes even days and nights) on end, without feeling the pain on their backs and shoulders.

“The Omega,” they said in unison, “you need to try it to believe it.”



Now while I may not be an avid gamer, I do spend a fair amount of time in front of the computer, as do many other homeowners and office workers I know. The strain of poor sitting posture caused by chairs that do not offer ample back and neck support has definitely taken a toll over the years and these days a dull ache appear around my lower back when I stay put in a chair for more than an hour.

Now I’ve heard about Secretlab before, the company was founded by a pair of competitve Starcraft II gamers in 2014 with the original aim of creating a chair to alleviate the pain they experienced in their backs and wrists. When their first chair was launched in 2015, it was specifically geared for die-hard gamers and came in a variety of loud and somewhat over-the-top colourways. However, the Omega 2018 is available in more subtle ash as well as an all-black version, which can be easily integrated into any home office interior.



While Secretlab’s tagline that the Omega chair is ‘the last chair you need’ may sound a tad exagerrated, it must be said that everything about this chair has been impressive including the way it arrives in a huge box and an oversized manual to help you put it together, although in my case the deliveryman took on the task of putting the whole chair together in less than 20 minutes.

My first impression of the chair is that it felt sturdy and robust, there was nothing cheap about the construction. The contoured armrests feature thick yet soft support and is sensual to the touch. It can be adjusted in four directions too, so you can really customise them to adapt to the way you prefer to prop your arms. The back support is just as comfortabe, with cold-cured foam that is thick enough so you feel you are being held in a firm embrace every time you lean back. This high-density cold-cure foam really shines in the seat pad, because of the firm support it provides to the contours of your body as well as your spine.



The Omega 2018 comes with a new memory foam lumbar pillow, to offer additional support to your lower back, and while I appreciate the gesture from Secretlab, I felt that the chair was just as comfortable without the pillow. The pillow did help to alleviate any aches and pain I felt, developed from sleeping in the wrong position the night before though, and that’s definitely a godsend. Aside from being able to adjust the armrests to your desired height, you can also turn them in four different directions, so you can customise your seating to your exact requirements. You know how, sometimes, you tend to lean to one particular side out of habit, well the four-directional armrests can be used to provide additional support just where you need it. Brilliant! 

What I really like about this chair though, and what sets it apart from many other chairs on the market, is the multi-functional tilt mechanism, which allows you to lean back far enough to help you grab a power nap in the middle of the day. The tilt-and-lock feature means you can remain in that position for as long as you like.

Quality PU leather is used to upholster the chair, so it doesn’t feel hot even after prolonged period sitting down. Maintenance too, is breezy since all the chair requires is the occasional wipedown with a wetwipe. My finishing thought for this chair, is that it’s a great chair, not just for gamers. I’ve asked around, and it’s a popular option for photographers, designers and lawyers as well. With the new colour options, Omega 2018 looks to be suited for homes. Of particular mention is the new all-black Omega 2018 chair, which comes with suede accents and black threading – perfect for a man cave or modern home office.


VERDICT: This chair is sexy HOT on design and utterly suave, comfortable and good for your back and butt.

PRICE: The OMEGA 2018 BLACK has a list price of $620.00 but will be available immediately at a special launch pricing of $469.00.

AVAILABILITY: Click here to purchase