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“How to buy a sofa” ranks high on the Google search engine. Despite the sofa being a key piece of furniture in the home, many homeowners are still unsure on what to look out for when buying a sofa.

When we found out Francesco Stucchi, the export manager of sofa-makers Chateau d’Ax would be here at the newly opened store, we took the opportunity to create this easy sofa-buying guide with him. Next, you can read about the different types of sofas you will see when shopping.

Q: What makes up a comfortable sofa?  

Francesco: A comfortable couch tends to require a combination of various aspects. The shape, curvature, and material, all contributes to the comfort of a sofa. For example, a high backrest supports the back well and relaxes the shoulders.

One of the more important points to note is the material of the cushion – which is what Chateau d’Ax advocates for. Look out for premium quality leather and/or fabric that will provide a long-lasting comfort.

Q: What should we take note of when shopping for a sofa?  

Design, comfort, material, finishing and price are by far the most important considerations when shopping for sofas. In order of importance:

  1. Sofa design: Aesthetics always has an important value in the choice. The sofa, in most of the cases, takes a prominent position in the home and must therefore meet the taste and the favour of the user.
  2. Comfort: Aesthetics, however, must always be functional. You’ll be using your sofa every day for the foreseeable future, so think about your day-to-day use before purchasing. The sofa is the place where you relax, rest after a long day of work or read a good book. You will also be spending hours with family and friends here. A sofa must therefore meet the specific taste of the user. That’s why Chateau d’Ax invests a lot of energy in this direction by offering the possibility of personalising the comfort of the sofa.
  3. Material: Invest in something beautiful, lasting and that respects the environment in which we live. I believe these are the important aspects for a right choice.
  4. Finishing: The finishing of a sofa, the colour of the cover, the material of the cover (leather rather than fabric), represent an important point in the choice of a sofa. They are the expression of a lifestyle and must be in line with one’s taste. Chateau d’Ax offers many solutions that allow to meet the needs of product personalisation.
  5. Price: The price of a sofa is an important ingredient. To make the right decision, it must always be considered in combination with the pointers indicated above. Remember, what we spend on a sofa is an important investment for our own well-being and to live our home with quality and style. The philosophy of Chateau d’Ax is to offer quality while maintaining an affordable price.

Another detail to consider, is the respect of the environment, such as how a company reduces its carbon footprint in order to be more environmentally-friendly. To know this, research about furniture brands should be done. This is so you will be able to select a reliable and consistent sofa that will not only look appealing, but allow for lasting, physical ease as well.

Q: What kind of cushion type would you recommend? 

Francesco: A high density foam with soft yet firm padding ensures a greater resistance. This is vital to the durability of the sofa. In addition, always follow-up the shopping experience with research on the material of the sofa used, and what cushion type lies beneath the seat surface, in order to determine the choice of sofa.

Q: Leather vs fabric sofas: When should one choose leather, and when is fabric more suitable?

Francesco: I believe that this is purely a matter of preference. For a more upscale, luxurious look, the obvious choice would be leather. Leather has a classic appearance, long-lasting capability and is inclined to be higher in value. There are plenty of fabric options these days, however, that have gorgeous finishing to suit various interiors. Personally, I love leather as it exudes elegance and grandeur.

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Q: Is it ok to place a sofa near the window? 

Francesco: Direct sunlight from the window diminishes the lifespan of a sofa. This isn’t something that happens immediately, but constant exposure can damage your leather. In fact, when leather is exposed to UV light over a prolonged length of time, its structure begins to change and the result can be a colour change and some eventual spots on the surface.

where to buy sofa singaporeThe Green L-shaped Sofa by Chateau d’Ax

Q: Personally, what in a sofa is most important to you?

Francesco: ​Taste and design is incredibly personal; I enjoy the combination of the aspects mentioned previously. Both comfort and design are two factors Chateau d’Ax prides itself on, and what I agree with. While one is often attracted to a furniture piece due to its aesthetics, quality and comfort should never be compromised on. Therefore, comfort and design are two valuable characteristics that are important to me, when it comes to sofas.