The wok can be used to steam, fry, stew, blanch vegetables and more — no wonder its a must-have in most Asian kitchens! But how do you pick one?


As a general tip, it is a better idea to get a heavy wok rather than a light one. If the base is made with a thicker metal, it is more durable and stable on the stovetop. However, if you have weak wrists, opt for a lighter but solid wok that is easier to handle.

Do choose woks that are shape more like a boat because it distributes heat better than the bowl-shaped ones. A concave wok with high-sides direct steam to its centre, resulting in overcooked food, especially vegetables.

And finally, if you have an induction hob, go for a flat-bottomed wok. It is good for searing meats and making omelettes but flipping food in it is not as effortless as in a round-bottomed wok.

This article was first published on Simply Her.