10 Best Mattress Singapore: Sealy vs Tempur, King Koil, Simmons (Photo Pexels Burst)

A good mattress should last anywhere between 10 to 15 years. And considering than an average human spends a total of 33 years in bed, says Dream UK, these mattresses are worth the investment.

As a result, 26 years or 227,760 hours of that lifetime were spent sleeping. The other seven was the time spent trying to fall asleep. Mind-boggling, we know. The right mattress can minimise this wasted seven years.

Your mattress and pillow work together like a charger for your body. And for a proper recharge, you need the right gear. Choose the wrong mattress, and it may just wreck havoc on your physical health.

Did you know that the source of your neck, back and body aches could be related to the mattress you are using?

Keep this ultimate mattress shopping guide handy while shopping for your bedroom. Here’s how you should choose the best mattress in Singapore.


  1. Mattress Size Chart (in cm)
  2. Firm vs Soft Mattress
  3. Which mattress material is best?
  4. Why are mattresses so expensive?
  5. Floor vs Bed Frame
  6. Mattress for allergy, neck, back pain
Heveya King-size, full natural organic latex mattress is priced at $3,988.
Heveya King-size, full natural organic latex mattress, $3,988.

How to choose a mattress?

Research is essential to selecting the right products as it is with any other major purchase in your life. But how do we start? We look to some experts from global mattress brands for some tips.

Here are several points to consider while shopping for the best mattress:

Mattress Size Chart in cm

Do you sleep alone or with a partner? How big is your bedroom? These factors determine mattress size.

Being the most substantial item in your bedroom, its size plays a crucial role in the room’s layout, so getting a new one could be a good time for a makeover.

According to Simmons, the standard sizes popular in Singapore are:

  • Single = 91cm x 190cm
  • Super Single = 107cm x 190cm
  • Queen = 152cm x 190cm
  • King = 182cm x 190cm
  • King Long = 182cm x 198cm
  • US King = 193cm x 203cm

Before buying a mattress, lay down on it to make sure that it fits your body size.

For tall people, the Singapore mattress length of 190cm is actually not long enough for a comfortable sleep.

Moreover, if you sleep with a partner, opt for a King size mattress for a less disturbed sleep. For the discerning homeowner, look to custom mattress makers such as European Bedding.

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Firm vs Soft Mattress

Aside from back support, a good mattress should also provide the right comfort. Each individual has a different body size and preferences and therefore requires a different mattress firmness for that good night’s sleep.

The international mattress industry uses a firmness scale ranging from one to 10, with one being the softest and 10 the firmest.

Heavier you are, firmer your mattress

As a general rule, the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress should be. Your sleeping habits also play a role.

Side sleepers use soft mattress, back pain use firm mattress

Side sleepers need mattresses scaled two to four, back sleepers and couples, five to seven, and stomach sleepers and people with back pain, eight to 10. However, every mattress brand will define these numbers differently.

As a result, the best way to determine which mattress is right for you is to visit a showroom and test them out for yourself.

Lie down on mattresses in showrooms

“Don’t just sit on the mattress! Try it out lying down. Your body must feel balanced and aligned. The spine and other parts of your body should not be under any stress,” says Jenny Koh, the group COO and executive director of Matsushita Greatwall Corporation, the parent company of King Koil Singapore.

“Spend at least five to 10 minutes or more on the mattress the way you sleep every night.”

How to test for a good mattress?

While lying down on the mattress, slide your hand under the small of your back. The mattress is probably too firm if it slides behind your back easily, and too soft if it doesn’t move at all.

Test it with a partner to check the mattress’ motion transferability to make sure you won’t be disturbed by their movements. For couples sharing a bed, it is recommended to combine mattresses of different densities (firm, medium, or soft) in one king-size bed.

This ensures that each individual enjoys his or her preferred firmness for the best rest.

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Best Mattress Material

When shopping for a mattress, it’s essential to find out what material it’s made of. Bear in mind that you may be in close contact with the material for as long as eight hours every day, so always insist on natural materials instead of synthetic ones or mattresses made using glue or chemicals.

Latex and Memory Foam Most Popular

The most popular mattresses today are made of latex and memory foam. The former is hypoallergenic, made from natural materials, and has a low motion transfer, whereas the latter is best at changing with your body shape.

On a budget? Consider a hybrid mattress, which combines these materials with inner or pocket springs for comparable comfort.

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Why are mattresses so expensive?

A mattress’s price is determined by its material and its construction, and we’ve come a long way from kapok, goose down, and coil spring mattresses.

“An aspect that is often overlooked is the budget for mattress purchases,” says Michelle Anne Ng, senior marketing manager at Simmons SEA. “Don’t choose the cheapest mattress. Buy what is best for you.”

Your mattresses should last you between 10 and 15 years, and you should invest in the best ones. Spend some time figuring out your priorities and non-negotiables. And be aware that poor sleep can negatively impact your health and cost you money in the future.

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Is it better to have mattress on floor or frame?

What is your plan for the mattress in your bedroom? Are you going to put it on a platform? Do you have a bed frame? Ensure the design of your mattress is compatible with the design of the foundation.

You should also consider the delivery method and whether your building’s elevator can lift your mattress to your home. If you live in an older HDB resale with HIP done, or new HDB BTOs, your lift will likely be the newer, smaller model that won’t fit king size mattresses.

Check the fine print on the warranty, delivery, and return policies, and protect your mattress from wear and tear with a mattress protector.

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Mattress for Allergies, Back, Hip, Joint Pain

If you have any health conditions such as allergies, joint pain, and more, be sure to consult your doctor before purchasing a new mattress. Your doctor could help recommend a mattress, or mattress characteristics, that will alleviate your symptoms.

For example, those with allergies may want to avoid foam mattresses as they can trap dust and allergens.

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