5 Best Places To Buy Sofa: How to choose, where to buy, reupholster sofa

A sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the living room, which explains why it is also the first thing visitors set their eyes on when entering the home. It also creates a communal atmosphere for guests to gather and interact.

As indispensable as it may be, buying the right sofa for small apartment layouts in Singapore can be a challenge.

Whether you’re a relatively new BTO homeowner with a scratched up sofa (by your cat) or a seasoned homeowner looking for a new sofa set to entertain and impress, here is Home & Decor’s ultimate guide to all things sofa.


7 Furniture Shops to Buy Sofas in Singapore

Now that you’re all acquainted with how to choose a good quality sofa, let’s move on to where you should be buying your sofa from.

For a wallet-friendly, decently-priced, yet high quality and impressive sofa, look to some of these furniture stores that are pretty popular amongst Singaporeans.

Sofa Shops SingaporePrice RangeLocations
Ashley Furniture$1,500 to $5,900Sungei Kadut, Marina Square, Genting Lane, and Jalan Kilang Barat
King Living$990 – $9,4002 Leng Kee Road, 22 Kallang Ave
Castlery$999 – $3,300Liat Towers
Hipvan$499 – $3,999Suntec City
GrafunktUp to $11,000Funan Mall
Made & Make$4,000 – $18,0006 Genting Rd
Bolia€1,300 to €9,000215 Henderson Rd
Savesto 5-Piece Sectional from Ashley Furniture Singapore

Ashley Furniture ($1,500 to $5,900)

Founded in 1945 in Chicago, US, by the late Carlyle Weinberger, Ashley Furniture is a household furniture brand that’s best known for their affordably-priced furniture. In the US, the brand is particularly sought-after for its sofas and recliners lounge chairs.

There are four Ashley Furniture stores to shop for sofas in Singapore, spanning Sungei Kadut, Marina Square, Genting Lane, and Jalan Kilang Barat.

Prices of sofas at Ashley Furniture range from $1,500 to $5,900 for larger six-seater sofas.

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King Living Singapore Alexandra Road showroom

King Living ($990 – $9,400)

One of the most popular Australian furniture company, King Living was founded in 1977 by Gwen King and her son, David King. The family-owned company started selling modular furniture that you could move around to fit your space and lean back and relax in.

Today, lounging in a sofa is pretty common. Back, then that was a revolutionary concept.

King Living carries 24 sofa ranges in Singapore, such as the Jasper, Delta, Retro, Concerto, Zaza, Felix, Kato, King Boulevard, Plaza, and Neo. Each sofa range has a distinct design, shape, and style.

Within each series, you’ll find different sizes, fabrics, and complementary accessories such as side tables, wireless phone charging pods, and lamps. King Living’s sofa prices range from $990 for a small loveseat to $9,400 for larger sofas in premium materials.

Delta III Flexible Modular Sofa, $2,490

The Delta sofa is one of Australian furniture brand, King Living’s best-known signature designs. It’s a modular sofa first released in 1998, and users could move, mix, match the modules of each sofa to suit their space or the moods.

Over the years, the Delta II and Delta III were released with newer functions such as storage and remote controller pockets, side tables, wireless phone charging, LED reading lamps etc. Delta III Flexible Modular Sofa is priced at $2,490 by King Living.

King Living is located at 2 Leng Kee Road, and Hong Aik Building, 22 Kallang Ave, 339413 in Singapore.

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Castlery Wheelock Liat Towers showroom in Singapore

Castlery ($999 – $3,300)

Founded by Singaporean Declan Ee in 2013, Castlery is a household name for most Singaporean homeowners. The homegrown furniture is a pretty holistic brand and is generally known for their sofas and home furniture across the board.

And Castlery is well recognised in Singapore for their sofas! There are over 21 series of sofa designs ranging from Japandi sofas, trendy curved sofas, cloud sofas, handsome tan leather sofas – some of them come with customer photos and reviews!

In each series are variants such as 2-seaters, 3-seaters, leather, fabric, angled, sectionals, chaise, and ottomans. Prices range from $999 for a small 2-seater sofa to $3,300 for a larger set of 4-seater sectional sofa.

Castlery Isaac Reversible Sectional Sofa, $1,599

Castlery’s Isaac Reversible sofa is a mid-century modern-style sofa with foam and spring cushions and clad in an ivory beige fabric. With the minimalist-looking fabric, this sofa set will sit well in Scandinavian and Japanese interior homes too.

The chaise lounge is standalone, which means you can move it from left to right, or remove it entirely to free up more space.

Castlery is located at Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Road #02/03-02 Singapore 238881.

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Hipvan's Suntec City showroom store in Singapore

HipVan Online ($499 – $3,999)

Founded in 2013 by Deborah Wee and Danny Tan, the Singaporean online furniture retailer is familiar to most locals.

Some of HipVan’s most widely-searched furniture pieces in Singapore include their sofas, bed frames, TV console, coffee table, shoe cabinets, and sideboards. Well, that’s pretty much almost everything in a home.

Why? That’s because HipVan’s furniture pieces are known to be affordable.

There are a total of 234 sofa sets available on HipVan, and prices range from $899 to $3,999 for a loveseat to a 3-seater leather sofa.

HipVan is located at Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, #02-728 / 729 / 730, Singapore 038983.

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Grafunkt showroom store in Funan Mall

Grafunkt (Up to $11,000)

Founded by Jefery Kurniadidjaja and Nathan Yong in 2009, the multi-label boutique furniture store, Grafunkt, has been a favourite haunt for design enthusiasts in Singapore.

The sofas they carry in Singapore range up to $11,270 and hail from global brands in the likes of the Spanish furniture brand Sancal, Japanese Hoshina, and the Danish brand, Muuto. Prices are, unfortunately, not transparently available online so you can’t do your online research prior to sofa shopping.

Sancal Alpino Sofa

The Alpino Sofa is one of the Spanish furniture brand, Sancal’s most recognised designs – after the Sancal Air sofa (looks like a floating sofa) and Sancal Pion tables.

The 39-year-old brand’s Alpino sofa was designed by a mountain bike enthusiast named Rafa Garcia. Comfort and coziness formed the heart of his design – comfortable heighted backrests, arm rests with floppy cushions, fluffy poufs and ottomans – all clad in fabrics. You will need to visit Grafunkt to enquire all sofas’ prices.

Grafunkt is located at 107 North Bridge Road #04-01 to 06 in Funan Mall.

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Made & Make furniture shop in Singapore

Made & Make ($4,000 – $18,000)

Founded in Singapore in 2013 by Erricson Wong and Agnetha Chan, Made & Make is a multi-label furniture store located along 6 Genting Road. Made & Make is a popular spot amongst local interior designers, for the pieces they carry are of good quality and design.

Notable brands from Made & Make include the Chinese HC28, Danish Wendelbo, and the Italian Tacchini. Prices for sofas range from $4,000 up to $18,000 at Made & Make.

Wendelbo Lilin Remix Sofa

Wendelbo is a Scandinavian furniture brand founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 1955. Today, the company remains based in Denmark, and is known for their Kite, Surface, Blade, Peak, Edge sofas, Folium chair, and Coin side table.

The Lilin sofa is a softly curved sofa that gives you a sense of cosy and refuge. While it sits upright in a slightly formal manner, its soft angles encourages a sense of relaxation.

Made and Make is located 6 Genting Rd, #04-00 Jubilee Industrial Building, Singapore 349471.

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5 Best Places To Buy Sofa: How to choose, where to buy, reupholster sofa

Bolia (€1,300 to €9,000)

Another Scandinavian brand, Bolia was founded in 2000 in Aarhus, Denmark. Today, it’s helmed by CEO Lars Lyse Hansen of the famed Brunsborg family.

Some of Bolia’s most recognisable designs include the modular fabric sofa Bolia Cosima, and Scandi design sofa Bolia Lomi. Sofa prices listed on Bolia’s website are in Euros and range from €1,300 to €9,000.

Bolia also opened their first flagship store in Singapore this month on Nov 15, 2022 along 215 Henderson Road.

Bolia Cloud Sofa, $3,623

Their Cloud sofa ranges from 1, 2, 2.5, to 3 seaters, and comes with small and large ottomans.

The Cloud sofa’s design, with its soft and fluffy cushions, creates a visually striking and inviting aesthetic. Its appearance resonates with the desire for comfort and coziness in home decor, which became particularly popular on social media platforms.

The Cloud sofa, characterized by its oversized and plush design, became trendy on social media in the mid-2010s. It gained notable popularity for its luxurious and inviting appearance, often featuring deep seating and large, comfortable cushions.

Bolia Singapore is located at #01-01, 215 Henderson Road.

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how to buy a sofa

3 Common Mistakes When Buying A Sofa in Singapore

“How to buy a sofa” ranks high on the Google search engine. Despite the sofa being a key piece of furniture in the home, many homeowners are still unsure on what to look out for when buying a sofa.

We looked to Francesco Stucchi, export manager of sofa-makers Chateau d’Ax for expert tips on how to choose the right sofa:

A comfortable couch tends to require a combination of various aspects:

  • Shape
  • Curvature
  • Material

Some common mistakes that we make when buying a sofa include the backrest height. When the backrest is too low, you end up having to tense your shoulders, neck, and head. Always look for a sofa with high backrest that supports the back well and relaxes the shoulders.

The next mistake we tend to make is with the material of the cushion. Poor quality materials tend to bleed colour, tear, wrinkle, absorb sweat and water, and leave stains. Look out for premium quality leather and fabrics that will provide a long-lasting comfort and can be easily maintained and regularly cleaned.

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7 Tips for Buying Sofa in Singapore

Design, comfort, material, finishing and price are by far the most important considerations when shopping for sofas.

​”Taste and design is incredibly personal; I enjoy the combination of the aspects mentioned previously. Both comfort and design are two factors Chateau d’Ax prides itself on, and what I agree with.

While one is often attracted to a furniture piece due to its aesthetics, quality and comfort should never be compromised on. Therefore, comfort and design are two valuable characteristics that are important to me, when it comes to sofas,” says Francesco.

Here, your sofa buying checklist – in order of importance:

1. Sofa design

Aesthetics always has an important value in the choice. The sofa, in most of the cases, takes a prominent position in the home and must therefore meet the taste and the favour of the user.

2. Comfort

Aesthetics, however, must always be functional. You’ll be using your sofa every day for the foreseeable future, so think about your day-to-day use before purchasing.

The sofa is the place where you relax, rest after a long day of work or read a good book. You will also be spending hours with family and friends here. A sofa must therefore meet the specific taste of the user.

3. Material

Invest in something beautiful, lasting and that respects the environment in which we live. I believe these are the important aspects for a right choice.

4. Finishing

The finishing of a sofa, the colour of the cover, the material of the cover (leather rather than fabric), represent an important point in the choice of a sofa. They are the expression of a lifestyle and must be in line with one’s taste.

5. Price

The price of a sofa is an important ingredient. To make the right decision, it must always be considered in combination with the pointers indicated above.

Remember, what we spend on a sofa is an important investment for our own well-being and to live our home with quality and style.

6. Solid frame

Evaluate both the skin and bone of the sofa – its upholstery and its frame. The frame should be sturdy and durable, while the upholstery should match your commitment to its maintenance.

One easy way to test the robustness of a solid-framed sofa is to lift one of its front legs around 15cm off the ground. If the other front leg doesn’t rise off the floor at the same height, is it a sign that the frame is weak – choose another sofa. 

7. Environment

Another detail to consider, is the respect of the environment, such as how a company reduces its carbon footprint in order to be more environmentally-friendly. To know this, research about furniture brands should be done.

This is so you will be able to select a reliable and consistent sofa that will not only look appealing, but allow for lasting, physical ease as well.

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Leather vs Fabric Sofa

​I believe that this is purely a matter of preference. For a more upscale, luxurious look, the obvious choice would be leather.

Leather has a classic appearance, long-lasting capability and is inclined to be higher in value. There are plenty of fabric options these days, however, that have gorgeous finishing to suit various interiors.

Personally, I love leather as it exudes elegance and grandeur,” says Francesco.

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Are Sofa Beds Good?

Yes, sofa beds can give you more value for money since they’re more multi-functional.

We demand more from our sofa these days. It can serve as an additional bed (sofa bed), storage (storage base) or even an alternative working space outfitted with a charging surface and so on.

Sofa Cushions: Choose firm, high-density foams

A high density foam with soft yet firm padding ensures a greater resistance. This is vital to the durability of the sofa.

In addition, always follow-up the shopping experience with research on the material of the sofa used, and what cushion type lies beneath the seat surface, in order to determine the choice of sofa.

Read more: 10 Best Sofa Beds in Singapore (2024)

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where to buy sofa singapore

Best Position for Sofa in Living Room

Measure your living room and make sure the sofa fits nicely. Also measure your doorway (height, width and diagonal fit) and lift and see if you can get the sofa through or if it can be transported in parts before buying.

Also, do not make the mistake of placing your sofa right next to your windows in the living room.

“Direct sunlight from the window diminishes the lifespan of a sofa. This isn’t something that happens immediately, but constant exposure can damage your leather.

In fact, when leather is exposed to UV light over a prolonged length of time, its structure begins to change and the result can be a colour change and some eventual spots on the surface,” explains Francesco.

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How To Clean Sofas?

A stitch in time saves nine so, first, prevent stains and spills from ruining your upholstery by using fabric protection and cleaning products found in DIY stores.

Some brands even have their own proprietary range of products. Apply them to areas with high bodily contact such as the armrests, backrest and seats.

Other than taking precautions when you’re having a meal or snacking while sitting on the sofa (for example, using a plate), regular maintenance is key to keeping your upholstery in good shape.

Regularly remove dust from upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner using the soft brush nozzle, as fine dust particles can stick to fabric and result in wear, says a representative from Danish furnishings company Boconcept.

Boconcept also recommends cleaning pieces of furniture that come into direct contact with skin, at least twice a year to keep the fabric from degrading due to natural body perspiration.

Another way to protect the sofa’s armrests is to cover them. Some brands such as Boconcept offer a specially designed tray that fits over the armrest, providing a more stable base for drinks. Alternatively, lay a throw over the armrest or back, which acts as a protective layer and decoration, too.

So, while you’re out and about shopping, always read the care label or ask the sales associate how to care and clean for the sofa.

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Reupholster Sofas in Singapore

We usually want to prolong the life of items we like, such as clothes that we bother to mend. The same goes for furniture.

If you still love the shape and design of your sofa, then go ahead and reupholster it! You’ll still have a piece you love, but it’ll be updated for that new look you’re planning for the space.

If it’s not something you love, then buying a new sofa is often worth the additional cost, says Chloe Elkerton, the founder and director of E&A Interiors.

“New fabric can work wonders on a piece that has a great shape. However, you need to think about the amount of fabric you require and also the condition of the seat and back cushions – do these need to be refilled, and do the legs or base need to be re-varnished?”

Work out all the costs before asking yourself if it is a piece you will really love, and will be able to use for a long time.

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