Living in this fast-paced society, many of us have neglected how climate change and the risk of overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can affect our health and lifestyle. Higher annual temperatures can also lead to heat stress and greater use of air-conditioning. This in turn results in higher electricity bills as well as emission of carbon dioxide. Having blinds, curtains and shades is definitely insufficient to protect your loved ones from the harmful UV rays and infrared rays (IR) that can be easily penetrated through windows.



KristalBond Glass Coating is a safe and eco-friendly liquid coating that uses nanotechnology to provide a more efficient and powerful thermal insulation barrier against up to 99 per cent of UV rays and 90 per cent of IR. Unlike UV film, it is plastic-free and can be installed on all types of surfaces, including those with contours and curves. Moreover, it retains the original specifications of the glass with a finishing that has no bubbling, peeling and shrinking. Despite a thickness of only 7 microns, it is resistant to fire and scratches.


Up to 99% of harmful UV ray is blocked Up to 64% solar heat & 90% of IR is blocked


The benefits of using KristalBond Glass Coating are:

  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer
  • Reduces heat for better comfort
  • Maintains up to 75 per cent Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for better vision in the day
  • Cost-saving for energy consumption of cooling appliances
  • Prevent furnishings from fading due to direct sunlight exposure
  • Durable and can withstand wear and tear
  • Allows homeowners to appreciate scenery without any glares or obstructers
  • Safe to use for all households
  • Easy to maintain

All KristalBond products come with a 15-year warranty against bubbling, peeling and shrinking.

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