If you are a music lover, looking for the right music system should be your top priority. However, not everyone has the time to search and compare components to achieve the robust, crisp audio that traditional Hi-Fi sound systems offer. 

Rather than searching for components to achieve the perfect balance of warmth, depth and clarity, a complete active music system that wouldn’t be compromised by wireless capabilities should be on your wish list. We have done the hard work for you and found not just a system that offers high-quality audio, but stylish looks too!

Introducing LS50 Wireless — a multi-award winning music system by KEF, one of the most respected Hi-Fi audio brands from UK. Enjoy exceptional high-resolution sound without the fuss. Just 5 minutes from unboxing, you can sit back and enjoy your favourite music at your fingertips! With the LS50 Wireless app, connect to your favourite music streaming applications like Spotify, TIDAL and Roon to access your music playlist with just one swipe! You can also access your music offline with the broad range of connectivity options.

The all-in-one LS50 Wireless music system is designed to be compact, with no other amplifiers or additional components needed. Even so, there will be no compromise on sound quality, thanks to the patented Uni-Q technology that delivers optimum audio effects and disperses sound evenly. The advanced time-correcting DSP crossover guarantees a sweet listening spot from every corner of the room — every note will hit your ear at the same time.

For the ideal height positioning of the bookshelf speakers,  you can even prop them up on stands to ensure they sound at their best!

With its sleek design and variety of colour options including titanium grey and red, gloss black and blue, gloss white and copper, as well as the futuristic-looking LS50 Wireless Nocturne edition designed by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, you can expect that this set of speakers will fit seamlessly into your living room, entertainment room or man cave.

That said, we want you to hear it personally!

From now till May 13, 2018, KEF is offering a 30-day free test drive on the LS50 Wireless so you can immerse yourself in the aural experience first-hand. Simply purchase the speakers from the selected stores and register for the trial programme here (http://international.kef.com/ls50w-trial) and you’re all set! Within 30 days of your purchase, KEF will offer a refund* to customers who’d like to return the speakers.

If you’re satisfied with the speakers and decide to keep them at the end of the 30-day trial, KEF will give you a free pair of performance speaker stands!

* Terms & Conditions apply.

The KEF LS50 Wireless and LS50 Wireless Nocturne retails at $3,299 and $3,999 respectively. Find out more at http://international.kef.com/ls50w-trial.

Brought to you by GP Acoustics.