How to choose the best mattress? We ask King Koil’s mattress experts

September 2, 2022

On the hunt for a new mattress for your new home, or just looking to replace your existing one that has begun to sag? Here are some expert tips on choosing the right mattress to fit your home and lifestyle from the sleep professionals at King Koil.

Rest easy in the plush decadence of the Hotel Collection St Ritz mattress from King Koil.

With so many mattress options to choose from, buying one that can cater to your preferences can be a daunting affair. We asked the expert the mattress specialist King Koil for some helpful tips on how to choose the best mattress for your home.

The Royal Comfort Marquis mattress from King Koil is developed for design-loving homeowners, who do not want to compromise on their sleep quality.

Q:  There are many mattress options available online, should I still consider visiting a physical store first before deciding?

An online purchase may sound like a convenient solution to your mattress search, but bear in mind that a mattress is a long-term investment as it can last from eight to 10 years – therefore most people still prefer to shop for it in person. And since we spend a third of our lives in bed, you shouldn’t just settle for the lowest-cost option.

Now the benefits of buying a mattress at the store include: being able to physically test the bed; easy comparison of bed sizes; purchase satisfaction; and sales assistance.

Visiting a physical store will also allow you to find out how established the mattress brand is. This is an essential factor because you want a good brand with a solid track record of producing quality mattresses. King Koil provides customers a wide variety of mattresses at affordable prices.

Since 1967, the American sleep specialist King Koil has been working closely with the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) to create sleep systems that use specialised designs with ICA’s requirements for clinically sound postural support.

We use only the best materials in our mattresses to ensure high-quality, healthy sleep is provided to the consumers.

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Dedicated zones in the Hotel Collection St Ritz from King Koil ensures layers of support to minimise the amount of disturbance you encounter when sleeping with a partner.

Q: I share the bed with my partner, who is a light sleeper. What type of mattress can prevent me from disturbing my partner when I wake up in the middle of the night? 

King Koil’s 5-zone spring system mattresses are recommended for those who have to share the bed, aside from giving you excellent back support it also minimises disturbance to your partner by absorbing the impact of your tossing and turning.

Well-produced mattresses, like this one from the Royal Comfort Marquis collection by King Koil, do not require homeowners to constantly rotate their beds to ensure even usage. This means less fuss, less inconvenience, and more time to sleep and relax.

Q:  Is it true that I need to rotate my mattress every month to ensure it remains even? 

No, not every type of mattress can be rotated. With current technology, most of the mattresses in the market are non-flip and feature 5-zone technology, so they are not meant to be rotated.

Why invest in a good mattress? Well, that’s because you are looking at using it every night for at least 5-8 hours on average, and for approximately 10-15 years. The sumptuous edge piping and quality stitching of King Koil’s mattresses mean you don’t have to worry about them fraying or spotting a hole.

Q: My mattress is almost 10 years old, but I still find it functional. Can I still continue using it? 

Generally, a mattress has a lifespan of approximately 10 to 15 years. A mattress made of higher quality material is likely to last longer. However, due to wear and tear, the comfort level of your current mattress reduces over time. 

Another factor we have to consider is aging. As we age, our body requires a firmer mattress to provide us better support. Mattress technology is also constantly evolving, and new products come with more value-added features.

Protect your sleep investment with the King Koil Fluidproof Protector to prevent messes and stains. The protector also comes with patented waterproof Miracle Membrane, to block dust mites, allergens, liquids and sweat from permeating the mattress.

Q: I accidentally poured some water onto my mattress and it’s still very damp. What do I do to ensure it dries without leaving stains or a musty smell? 

Use a clean towel to pull as much water out of the mattress as possible. Next, use a hairdryer to dry out the mattress. Keep the hairdryer a distance away from the surface, constantly moving it back and forth over the wet area for 10 to 15 minutes till the mattress feels dry.

We strongly recommend our King Koil Fluidproof Protector (available from Shopee and Lazada) to prevent all these messy cleaning procedures. The protector also comes with patented waterproof Miracle Membrane, to block dust mites, allergens, liquids and sweat from permeating the mattress.

“When choosing a mattress, always lie down on the mattress to try it out. You must feel that your body is aligned and balanced. There must be no stress on your spine or other parts of your body. Pairing with the right cervical support neck pillow is important too.”

Jenny Koh, Executive Director of Homes & Decor Superstore Pte Ltd, wholly owned by Matsushita Greatwall Corporation (MCG). Jenny manages King Koil Gallery/Ashley Furniture HomeStores at Jalan Kilang Barat, Genting Lane, Sungei Kadut and Marina Square.

Q: What’s the price range like for a quality mattress from King Koil? How much should I budget for a queen-sized mattress? 

King Koil offers a wide price range to suit every budget. As everyone has different preferences on the firmness, design and budget, we strongly suggest that customers to visit our showrooms to test the mattresses before making the purchase. Our staff will give professional advice based on individual customer’s needs and requirements.  

Spanning over 30,000 sq ft, the store takes over the entire building and has its own parking lot, which are free of charge for customers shopping at the venue, a boon for those who drive and arrange for their own furniture transport.

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