Since 1977, King Living has been designing contemporary and quality furniture; over the years, the brand has become synonymous with flexibility, due to its range of modular furniture and sofas, as well as customisable options and features like adjustable legs and armrest widths. Celebrating its second anniversary in Singapore in 2017, King Living recently its double-storey showroom space, which boasts 11,000sqf.

On the first level, you’ll find some of King Living’s most iconic pieces, including the Jasper sofa, Canyon Dining collection, and the latest Zaza sofa clad in a bright peach-coloured fabric. To complement these furniture pieces, customers can not only choose from an assortment of finishes like leather and fabric, but also select high-tech add-on accessories such as a side table that comes with wireless charging function, to fulfil both a stylish lifestyle and added convenience at home.

On the second level — which now has additional 3,000sqf floor space — King Living showcases configurations of sofa settings perfect for larger homes, and its extended outdoor furniture collection. There are even newly launched mattresses available.

In line with the brand’s philosophy of delivering durable and flexible furniture options, the mattresses are no exception. Each mattress comprises several layers, which can be individually replaced when worn out, or if you prefer to alter the firmness of your mattress. Also, since most layers come with detachable covers that can easily be washed, this ensures easy cleaning to prevent mites, dead skin cells and mould.

With the many possibilities that King Living’s furniture pieces can bring to your home, it’ll be a fun and enriching experience visiting this newly revamped store.

King Living Furniture is located at #01-00 Hong Aik Building