Grohe Essence Professional Kitchen Mixer, price upon enquiry.

The faucet – or tap as it’s more commonly known as in Singapore – is one of the most essential things in the kitchen. Note these considerations when selecting yours.


Most vary between three inches (7.6cm) and eight inches (20.3cm), but if you often wash large items, like pans and woks, and your sink isn’t deep enough, consider getting a taller one to accommodate their size. Shorter ones, on the other hand, have the advantage of minimising splashing.

Sprayer options

Talis Select M51 single lever kitchen mixer 300 with Pull-out spout, $1,038.60, from Hansgrohe.

Some faucets come with the option of a sprayer nozzle, which can be pulled down on a flexible hose to direct the spray. These can be very useful for high-pressure dishwashing or cleaning the sink. However, they can look more utilitarian than stylish, so do consider this if you want to keep your kitchen sleek and minimal.


When it comes to finishes, faucets these days come in so many shapes and in such a variety of colours that they’re no longer a mundane detail. Instead, they are the focus of a kitchen. For maximum durability, opt for a matte or brushed finish that can better disguise watermarks and fingerprints.

Hot-cold water options

Image: Hansgrohe

If you often cook with grease, a faucet with a hot water option can make cleaning up a lot easier. Check with your plumber or contractor about the possibility of running hot water to your kitchen first, though.