If your kids are constantly bugging you for something different at breakfast every day, or you just want to spice up your morning routine, the Toasteroid is for you.

The device is just as futuristic as its name: it’s a stencil toaster that can print an image onto your bread. You can have the Bat-Signal, Captain America’s shield, or a drawing made by your three-year-old — all you have to do is link up the toaster to the app on your phone. The creators have also made it possible to send and receive coded messages from loved ones that are viewable only on toast, and for the information junkies, the toaster even syncs with the local weather information so you can get the forecast toasted onto your bread.

The curved die-cast aluminium body and minimalist design is a far cry from the traditional bulky cousin, but fits right at home on the kitchen countertop. It also features a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, and an extra wide and long slot so it can take a variety of bread sizes.

It’s not all looks, either. The Toasteroid creators started out with a promise that the primary focus of their product was to make perfect toast with the right amount of crunch and softness. As a result, they used high-density microfilament technology (patent pending) as an innovative method of dispersing the heat evenly throughout the bread’s surface, producing the user’s preferred level of brownness every time.

What’s really attractive about the Toasteroid, though, is not just these features themselves, but the promise it holds for making our mornings just that bit easier and more fun. As a device that keeps the kids entertained (and creative!) during breakfast, freeing up a bit more time to yourself during the morning routine, it’s already a winner in our books.

For more information, visit the Toasteroid Kickstarter campaign here.