For working professionals and busy parents juggling the numerous demands of work, household chores, and parenthood, laundry can feel like an overwhelming task.

Fortunately, there are several laundry services in Singapore that offer convenient washing, folding, ironing, dry cleaning, doorstep pickup and delivery services.

Here are 8 trusted local laundry services we found that can help you manage your laundry efficiently, saving you up to hours a week and leaving you with more time for the things that matter more.

Laundry Service SingaporePrices
Astoria Dry Cleaning Services$24 for first 3kg
Reward Laundry$8 per kg, $40 minimum (5kg)
Piing$5.35 per kg, $26.75 minimum (5kg)
For the Love of Laundry$5.50 per kg
Big Mama$6 per kg, $30 minimum (5kg)
Duo Nini Laundry$7 per kg; $100 minimum
Laundryheap$31.90 per 6kg bag, minimum $40
The Laundry Store$5 per kg, minimum $35
Astoria Dry Cleaning Services

1. Astoria Dry Cleaning Services

Highlight: Free collection and delivery with orders over $30

Serving customers in Singapore for over four generations, Astoria is a family-owned business with a laundry legacy fronted by sons for over 20 years. It has a strong reputation for reliability and quality service.

Headquartered in Defu Lane with three main outlets in central locations, Astoria’s biggest draw is its free collection and delivery service at a minimum order of $30.

Express services are also available, with turnaround as quick as three hours (available only for drop-offs and pick-ups at the main office).

They also offer alteration services, clean and restore luxury bags and shoes, and launder larger items including curtains, carpets, stuffed toys, gowns, and more.   

Astoria Dry Cleaning Service’s starting price for wash and fold: $24 for first 3kg; $7/kg thereafter.

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2. Reward Laundry

Highlight: Uses eco-friendly detergent that is fragrance-free and safe for the whole family and environment

Having served over 30,000 Singaporean households in the past nine years, Reward Laundry prides itself on having one of the largest local delivery team that ensure on-time delivery.

It has only one outlet in City Link Mall, but delivery is free with orders over $60. Express services are also available, with turnaround in 48 hours charged at twice the normal rate.

They also clean toys, strollers, bedsheets and cushions, offer alteration services as well as specialised bridal gown cleaning, preservation and storage services.   

Reward Laundry’s starting price for wash and fold: $40 for minimum 5kg ($8/kg).

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3. Piing!

Highlight: Great app integration that lets you track your order progress in real-time

Piing takes convenience up a notch with its technological advantage. The Piing! app lets you place orders easily, track the progress of your wash, before monitoring real-time delivery movement of your clean laundry—so you can stay updated at every point of your order.

Piing also offers eco-friendly washing and dry cleaning, and three-day turnarounds for regular-priced load washing.

They are available six days a week until 11pm for any late-night or last-minute laundry needs you might encounter.

Delivery is completely free, even if for just one shirt. You can also get two free washes if you refer a friend. 

Piing’s starting price for wash and fold: $5.35/kg; minimum 5kg.

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For The Love Of Laundry

4. For The Love Of Laundry

Highlight: That it’s environmentally conscious and socially responsible

You can rest assured that no nasty chemicals are used in the laundering process here, because For The Love Of Laundry is the only Singaporean company to clean purely with GreenEarth — a toxin-free solution that protects you, your laundry and the environment.

Instead of petroleum-based solvents employed by most dry cleaners, they use an all-natural liquid silicone that is gentle on delicates and preserves your clothes.

On top of that, they donate five cents to the Cambodian Children’s Fund whenever you return a plastic hanger for reuse or recycling. A big perk is their ‘Blissful Laundry’ subscription service with free pick-up and delivery which is priced per bag—as much dirty laundry as you can stuff into it! Enjoy $30 off your first wash now. 

For the Love of Laundry’s starting price for wash and fold: $5.50/kg, free delivery over $80 ($9 delivery fee otherwise)

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Big Mama

5. Big Mama

Highlight: Its one-stop door-to-door service that covers even house cleaning and air-con servicing!

Big Mama can be your one-stop shop for everything cleaning-related within your home.

On top of laundry services that cater free pick-up and delivery with a minimum order of $40, Big Mama also does alterations, dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, bag cleaning, shoe and sneaker-cleaning, upholstery-cleaning, stroller and car seat cleaning, but outdoes the general laundry service by offering house cleaning and air-con servicing to boot.

Be it moving in or out, spring cleaning or regular curtain cleaning, Big Mama has you covered. You can also easily place an order at any time for day. Get 15% off your first online order.

Big Mama’s starting price for wash and fold: $6/kg; minimum 5kg.

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Duo Nini Laundry

6. Duo Nini Laundry

Highlight: The same-day dry cleaning pick-up and delivery possible for certain items

If you urgently need that business suit dry cleaned for a meeting tomorrow, it’s useful to know that Duo Nini offers 3-hour express services at thrice their standard rates, with same-day pick-up and drop-off possible—a service most laundry services would laugh off. Their minimum order for free delivery now is $100 however, with a regular turnaround time of three days. They also offer alterations, curtain cleaning, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, and disinfection fogging services.

Duo Nini Laundry starting price for wash and fold: $7/kg; minimum $100.

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7. Laundryheap

Highlight: Its quick 48-hour turnaround time for regular laundry loads

Another immensely convenient app-based laundry service provider, London-based startup Laundryheap operates in 12 countries worldwide and now serves Singapore.

Environmentally-committed with zero-emission delivery vehicles and efficient water usage processes, Laundryheap lets you book a service online or in-app, picks up your laundry bag, and returns it cleaned the next day.

The app also provides regular order updates and allows live delivery tracking for ease of mind and control — you can easily reschedule deliveries in-app if you won’t be home at the scheduled delivery time. Services are focussed on washing, dry cleaning, ironing, duvets, bulky bedding and curtains.    

Laundryheap’s starting price for wash and fold: $31.90 per bag, up to 6kg, minimum $40.

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8. The Laundry Store

Highlight: Its reasonably priced standard laundry services

If you’re not in a hurry, The Laundry Store offers a standard turnaround time of 4-5 working days with free delivery for orders over $35.

Express services are also available at a surcharge — 50% for a 3-4 day turnaround and 100% for a 1-2 day turnaround.

Their competitive prices mean greater savings for bigger laundry loads — simply make an online booking, and wait for your laundry to be picked up and returned clean. Services include standard washing, ironing, dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, bedsheet and soft toy laundering services. 

The Laundry Store’s starting price for wash and fold: $5/kg, minimum $35.

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This article was originally published in Singapore Women’s Weekly.