For those who love their kitchen and are looking for stylish cookware that easily goes from stove to dining table, French cookware brand Le Creuset’s new collection could just have you crushing hard.

Known for the durability of its cast-iron cookware, the brand’s line-up comprises three individual pots (a Dutch oven, a saucepan and a braiser) and a five-piece set – all in glossy white cast iron and bright gold knobs that make an understatedly elegant statement.

Don’t want to commit to an entire collection? Get your hands on the enamel cast iron Dutch oven, which is a versatile workhorse that can be used for baking bread, frying, slow cooking, long-simmering soups or one-pot meals.

They might be pricey but not only have Le Creuset’s Dutch ovens been widely raved about for their quality craftmanship and durability, the brand also promises they are engineered to resist staining and dulling.

We have yet to spot the collection gracing Le Creuset’s Singapore store but you can check it out at