With Tefal’s latest Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaner, you won’t have to worry about waking up the neighbours when catching up on housekeeping chores at night.

This handy tool offers outstanding cleaning performance in extreme silence even when the appliance is switched to maximum power.

Lightweight and compact, it can clean awkward corners and works effectively to pick up dust from carpets, rugs and hard floors with crevices, based on tests by the European Energy label.

No dust will escape from the three levels of filtration, making it suitable for homeowners sensitive to allergens and dust.

The model also comes in an Animal Care Pro version, equipped with additional brushes to pick up allergens, bacteria and fine fur.

The Tefal Silence Force 4A and the Animal Care Pro version are available in blue and white, and retail for $499 and $569, respectively. 

(All photos: Tefal)