“Lights enhance any environment and play a very important role in creating an experience,” says Krislite LED lighting gallery's founder, Jimmy Teo. This understanding propelled him to create a lighting hub where consumers can understand LED lights better.

At the showroom, they give you the opportunity to operate the LED lights by yourself, to experience the difference between LEDs and other lights, as well as a chance to see the lights in actual living and dining room settings.

LED Lighting showcased in various home settings.

The store also designs large chandeliers for clients – these ones were customised by Lasvit.

More conventional displays of table, pendant and wall-mounted luminaires are housed in another section, including a shop-in-shop concept for Czech custom lighting brand Lasvit. One interesting product is Krislite’s running magnetic strip, which is waterproof and comes with detachable LED lights. Customise the location of the LEDs by placing them anywhere along the strip to suit your needs.

Growing Vases by Lasvit is one of the many customised chandeliers available at the store.

Also, don’t miss the garden feature, complete with “waterfall”, in the gallery space. Bringing together technology and design, Japanese brand Endo Ledz has created lighting that mimics the stars and bioluminescence in plants to demonstrate the versatility of LED lights for outdoor use.

A curtain of light made up of fibre-optic strands, used as a decorative feature in homes. The colour of the lighting can be customised. 

This table lamp by Seed Numen, $148, lets you adjust its illumination by manipulating its pliable silicone shade.

Krislite is at 9 Loyang Way, L1 Krislite Building, tel: 6543-0080