With over 40 galleries around the world, Lumas is known in Europe for offering an extensive collection of affordable, yet high-quality photographic prints.

The gallery recently opened a 1,200sqf showroom in Paragon, the first in Southeast Asia.

Lumas’ prints are available in editions of 75 to 150 pieces, costing between $800 and $4,000. The higher the demand for the piece, the higher the price. “Once a piece is 50 per cent sold, it becomes a Bestseller and the price increases by 25 per cent. If it’s 90 per cent sold, it reaches the Last Print status, the price doubles,” explains Angie Yeo, general manager of Lumas Singapore.


Collections in the gallery here include Cuba-Expired by Werner Pawlock, a well-known photographer, Sebastian Mader’s Flamingo Kids and vintage Vogue prints by Horst P. Horst, but customers can buy Lumas prints online as well.

The gallery also provides framing options such as floater and showcase frames. Framed in Germany, the prints take about three to four weeks to be delivered to the customer.

Alternatively, their Art Now range is available for $38 each – they’re great gifts, as the postcard-sized prints are packaged so you can mail them out easily, with a personal note.


Lumas is at #04-47 Paragon, www.lumas.com.sg, tel: 6384-9535