Today, a few of us tried out the new Nespresso Prodigio, which is the first-ever smartphone connected coffee maker!


Using Bluetooth technology and the Nespresso mobile app, you can connect your phone or tablet with the machine and make your coffee remotely!

That means you don't have to be standing at the coffee machine pressing its buttons, and you can control it using your device, sitting on the living room sofa.


This is the interface you see when you're connected to the Prodigio. 

Besides using the app to make your coffee instantly, you can even schedule ahead of time. This is useful, if you need coffee first thing in the morning — just set it to brew in time for when you wake up and stumble into the kitchen!


Here, Eliza is standing just four metres away, but you and your device can be up to 20 to 30 metres away as long as you're connected via Bluetooth to the machine. So if you live in a huge house, no worries! 


Use the app to select what kind of beverage you want to make, just like you would manually on the machine itself. 


And it works!


You will also be alerted when your stash of capsules is running low, and can check on your machine's status — so you know when to top up the water, empty the used capsule container and de-scale the machine. No more guessing games! 


Nespresso Prodigo and Prodigo & Milk (comes with an Aeroccino 3 milk frother), $398 and $528 respectively, are available at #01-14 Ion Orchard,  tel: 6431-2084,


What do you think of the new Nespresso Prodigio coffee maker?