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A correctly fitting pillow that assists with more restful sleep is important, because sleep is when your body repairs itself. The wrong pillow, however, can cause more pain than repair. Here, we've listed which type of pillow is more suitable for certain body types.


Best for: Most body types
Foam is versatile, non-allergenic, durable and offers lots of different shapes. Memory foam pillows, made of visco-elastic polyurethane material, mould to the head and neck and will keep returning to their original shape once pressure is released.
Try: Wellpur Contour pillow, $129, from JYSK (in Courts Bukit Timah).


Best for: Smaller frames and tummy sleepers
This pillow type uses goose or duck down and feathers. The material is warm, soft and moulds well to the head, but keep in mind feathers can stir up allergies.
Try: Nature Guard Luxury Pillow, $269, from Robinsons.


Best for: Larger, heavier people
Latex pillows are durable, resilient and naturally anti-microbial. They offer good support for the neck and head.
Try: Snowdown Tencel latex pillow, $109, from Robinsons.


Best for: Allergy sufferers and warm sleepers
The natural fibres of wool are soft, durable and good at wicking away moisture. Cotton pillows are non-allergenic, washable and made from a breathable material which also minimises stains.
Try: HAMPDÅN pillow, $19.90, from IKEA.


Best for: People with neck and back pain and side sleepers
Posture pillows are contoured with a gutter or depression in the middle of the pillow, which cradles the head and supports the neck.
Try: Dentons Pillow, The Caress, $139, from Robinsons.

(Before you buy a pillow, read this.)

This article was first published in Singapore Women's Weekly, January 2016.