Homeowners who love the minimalist Japanese brand can look forward to a lineup of everyday essentials at lower prices, plus a limited-time offer on a range of products.

Nobody does Zen better than MUJI. The Japanese brand’s clean-cut shapes and neutral tones embody a minimalist, functional aesthetic that has won over many a homeowner’s heart. It is no wonder that everyone has come to use the brand’s name as a term synonymous with earthy-colours and natural textures.

Homeowners can now enjoy a line-up of everyday essentials at permanently reduced prices, thanks to MUJI’s philosophy of providing affordable value without compromise to quality.

Comfort Living

Staying Organised

Cleaning Made Easy

Wardrobe Staples

Limited-Time Offers

If you’ve been thinking of getting some of their quality products, check out these great offers from Muji which are available till 5 August 2020. We’ve rounded up the best picks available for home-related items.

Plastic-free packaging

Eco-conscious homeowners will be glad to know that MUJI is moving away from plastic by switching to kraft paper packaging for small items like innerwear and essential oil. Their hooks and hangers for socks and stoles are also now made of cardboard instead of plastic, so that the brand’s single-use plastic consumption is vastly reduced.

For more details, visit Muji’s website here.

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