The last we did a shopping post on Daiso, you guys loved it!

So we decided to show you more pretty and useful things we found at the store recently. Bear in mind that things at Daiso cost just $2, and at that low price, there's really no reason why you should stop yourself from buying these for your home!



A photo posted by Home & Decor Singapore (@homeanddecor_sg) on May 18, 2016


Be creative! You can buy them for gardening use, or put them in your kitchen as a flask and container. The yellow tray is ridiculously chio, and for $2, that's surely nothing to complain about! It also comes in other colours like pink and orange so pick your favourite. There's even one with heart-shaped prints, if you'd like.



These sheets here are good if you'd like to glam up your table top or DIY storage boxes in different finishes and looks!

Try something like this:

(Photo: Bead&Cord)

Or this:

(Photo: Pinterest)

The sheets will also be perfect for use on your office partition panels so you no longer have to stare at the dull black and grey surfaces all day! Also, it will be a talking point amongst your colleagues, I bet! Found them in wood grain and brick designs. 

There's also a range of cat-friendly ones, which are meant to be scratch-resistant, so if you're thinking accessorising your cat home, you could try those.



This is the prettiest gardening spade you can find at $2! Instead of using it to dig into soil, I've actually seen cafes use these as cake shovels! Kudos for being so innovative, because I never looked at a gardening spade the same way after! Add this flowery one to your kitchen tool stash. There's other designs too, and they're all as pretty.



Yes, it's true we don't usually wear boots in Singapore, because it's just ridiculous in such weather! Your boots are often in cold storage after you've brought them back from an overseas trip right? We know the hassle of them folding down and looking limp, and by the time you want to wear them again, they're all out of shape and unappealing.

Solution: These boots stands keep boots in shape, and save space too!

(Photo: Dhgate)



I can't help but think the prints are so Cath Kidston-inspired! Use them to hold your bath and facial products, or for knick-knacks in the home.

They're also foldable so it's easy to store.



Since they're so popular, we're shouting about them again! 

I think Daiso heard their fans and realised that they needed to stock more from this collection, because when we went in mid afternoon, there were still many on the shelves! (They used to be swept off the shelves upon the store's opening.)

Because they come in both baby pink and white, and in various types such as magazine holders, stationery holders, and containers of different sizes, I actually think there are people who are proud collectors of the whole set!

There are also other types of containers which are not part of the Maison Clement collection, which we thought were nice to have too; they come in more colours like grey, cream and green!

We're pretty sure you will leave Daiso with lots of bags after this! Shop away!