We love Daiso. You'll find almost everything you need and things you didn't know you needed. To find out what Daiso's biggest store has to offer, Domenica and I (I'm Eliza, in case you didn't read the byline) made our way to IMM, Jurong. Here's what you can get for $2 each!

#1 Playmats in different textures and colours, from pink felt to cork. Ideal for pets and kids.
#2 Popsicle makers! The possibilities are endless with this; chocolate? Ice lemon tea? Coconut?
#3 Mickey Mouse-themed accessories, including this adorable rice paddle
#4 Toast stamps, with fun motifs and words – the kids will love it!
#5 Ceramic cups, from stone textures to sakura-themed ones
#6 Tenegui cloths in various prints. Bundle your cookies in these cute cloths!
#7 Vases of all sizes. We particularly like this one, which reminds us of an upside down Juicy Salif!
#8 Printed soap dispensers, because default bottles are U-G-L-Y
#9 This coin bank, which has an industrial edge to it
#10 Sleek and small stainless steel tongs; perfect for fruit slices and mini eclairs

Visit Daiso IMM at 2 Jurong East Street 21, 03-50.