You can always count on Ikea to deliver great style at great prices. They've just launched a new collection in February, and this is our pick of the lot.

1. There are so many ways you can use the versatile Gjora bed ($459), made of solid birch. The higher rail can be used to hang clothes or accessories; when the lower rail is used as a headboard, the higher one can be a room divider! Ingenious! 

Ikea, bedroom, bed, Gjora bed

Ikea, bedroom, bed, Gjora bed

2. It's always tough to find nice-looking mirrors, and the Ikornnes range of mirrors ticks all our boxes. Made of ash wood, it's beautifully simple; the standing model comes with a rail for airing clothes, while the smaller version can be placed on a dressing table or hung on the wall. 

Ikea, Ikornnes mirror, mirror, standing mirror

Ikea, Ikornnes mirror, mirror, table mirror

3. Urban gardening just got a lot more attractive with the Satsumas plant stands made of bamboo and powder-coatesd steel. The range includes a plant stand with two shelves ($99), a planting ladder with five pots ($69), and a tripod stand ($99). 

Ikea, Satsuma plant stand, gardening

4. The Skurar wall clock ($9.90) is a picture of femininity with its paper-doilie like design. 

Ikea, Skurar clock

5. Your basic good-looking rug that goes with everything, the Hovslund rug (W160xL230cm, $99) has a white graphic pattern against a chic dark grey background. 

Ikea, Hovslund rug, Scandinavian design
All photos: Ikea