We were introduced to some brilliant home appliances last week – they're pretty impressive, I must say!

For a start, check the LG Styler out:

(Photo: Domenica Tan) 

Hang your clothes in the LG Styler and it'll shake off the dust, sanitise, remove odours, add scent and even dry damp clothing. There's also a pocket where you can slip your pants into to de-wrinkle them! You can also put your pillows and soft toys in to have them sanitised and come out fresh and huggable again! Launching in Singapore this June, the LG Styler comes in white, and retails for $2,999! Watch it shake!

Then, there's the LG Twin Wash.

Ever struggled with having to wash your white clothes/baby's clothing/lingerie separately, wasting lots of precious time, and unnecessary effort? 

This washing machine has two different wash loads so you can wash things separately, but at the same time!

Smaller loads can also be washed when needed without having to wait for a full load – how convenient! The main washer can hold up to 21kg, while the mini washer – up to 3.5kg.

Also available in June, retail price is yet to be announced.