There’s nothing quite like wood to add warmth, character and natural beauty to a space. If you’re looking to up your home decorating game with beautiful wood furnishings, be it parquet flooring, an arresting feature wall or chic furniture, make your way to multidisciplinary workshop Woodvibesonly. The warehouse unit is currently home to two in-house brands, Oliowood and Mokkomokko, as well as Ukrainian label Gushka Wool.

Oliowood occupies the first level and upon stepping in, visitors will find its beautiful handcrafted surface panels lining the walls. In a nod to sustainability, these give reclaimed wood, namely unused off-cuts and small wedges from timber construction, a new lease of life.

In fact, Oliowood promises no trees cut in the process of creating its designs. Salvaged solid wood pieces are meticulously restored and assembled to create customisable eye-catching tessellated panels. These can be fashioned into stylish tables and stools, used as flooring or as decorative wall panels that add depth and visual interest to your space. Wood types run the gamut from teak, mahogany, oak and walnut to other specialty hardwoods.

Head up the steps and you’ll find timelessly stylish solid wood furniture by Mokkomokko on the mezzanine level. Comprising the same folks behind Oliowood, the team sources for quality materials from around the globe, like Burmese teak and marble.

Made with excellent craftsmanship and woodworking techniques, the designs gravitate towards clean lines and functional forms favoured by modern users. They can also be customised in various fabrics, marble types and wood finishes.

Take a piece of Ukraine home with Guskha Wool’s rugs, throws and coverings that combine local traditions, stories and expertise in weaving woolen products with contemporary and unique designs. Handwoven by local skilled artisans with decades of experience, each piece is created using 100 percent wool sourced from the brand’s own farm as well as a curated pool of local farmers.

Newly woven products are washed in the clean mountain river and dried in the Ukranian mountain air, which according to Gushka Wool, enhances their durability, fullness and colour.

As for those who need a little help with space planning, design consultation or even have an old piece of wooden furniture that could use a touch of refreshing, you’ll be glad to know that Woodvibesonly offers these services, too.

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