• Marimekko, Finland

High-quality clothing, bags and homeware in bold prints and colours define Finnish firm Marimekko. The company’s efforts towards sustainability include creating items that last, promoting responsible practices throughout its supply chain and being resource efficient.


  • We Do Wood, Denmark

We Do Wood’s beautiful furniture is made from moso bamboo, which is grown in certified plantations free from chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers. One of the world’s most sustainable natural resources, bamboo reaches maturity in just four years – a fraction of the time it takes for soft and hard woods.


  • Aderelles, Sweden

Andrea Djurle started her project to help disadvantaged women in India by hiring them to sew cushion covers. Featuring graphic patterns, these are designed in Sweden and made by the women in India – who are paid fair wages.


Written by Xenia Taliotis, adapted from Silverkris