Designs come and go, but Louis Vuitton’s petal monogram remains as coveted as it was in the mid-19th century.

Inspired by its timelessness and elegance – as well as the craftsmanship cultivated in the brand’s long history – designer Tokujin Yoshioka created the Blossom stool, a bold design that features feminine swirls of wood and a soft Nomade leather seat.

The idea for this silhouette came from the quatrefoil motif, which is a decorative design resembling a clover leaf.

The seat is part of Objets Nomades, a collection of practical yet luxurious designs that you can take on your travels. They are all made using Louis Vuitton’s signature Nomade leather, too.

When asked whether form or function came first for his design, Tokujin says: “Neither. I always try to invent something beyond forms, and that is universal and timeless.”

The Blossom stool is available in a metal edition, in which the entire chair is gilded in brass. You can order it at any Louis Vuitton Boutiques.