With the Easy Bread break maker, you can get a fresh loaf of bread in just two hours and 10 minutes! Simply pop in a capsule of preservative-free bread mix — there are seven types to choose from, including white, spelt and Mediterranean bread. 

The machine doesn't take up much space on your counter top either!



About the size of a large capsule coffee machine, the bread maker works like one too. Fill up the water tank, pop in a bread capsule and hit the start button. The bread mix and water are combined in the machine’s baking bowl with the help of a kneading paddle. Once the mixture is ready, the baking automatically starts. I love how my kitchen was filled with the aroma of fresh bread; the machine beeps when the loaf is ready. I like that there is a timer for me to decide when I want the bread to be ready. The night before, I popped the capsule into the bread maker, set it for 8am, and woke up to a warm loaf for breakfast.


I baked two loaves – Puro (white bread) and Country Love (multigrain bread). Puro turned out crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It was very satisfying, especially with a bit of peanut butter and jam. Country Love was a chewy loaf with a thick, crunchy crust. The dense bread was heavy and tasty. I enjoyed the roasted, slightly bitter after taste of the grains and seeds.


It took me 15 minutes to clean up after my baking session. I had to wash the baking bowl and empty the water tank, and brush out residual baking mix from the machine. To do that, I placed a tea towel into the baking compartment and used a brush (included with the bread maker) to sweep up the remnants from the nooks and crannies onto the tea towel.


A step up from conventional bread makers as all you need to do is pop in a capsule. But bread lovers would miss the freedom of coming up with their own recipes.

Easy Bread, $299, and bread capsules, from $4 each. Available at Tangs at Vivocity and Tang Plaza and www.tangs.com


This article was first published on Simply Her.